Jeffree Star x Morphe brush collab

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Back in early or mid-December, I found out that Jeffree Star and Morphe's long-awaited brush collaboration was finally in the US. According to the free and open import records, at least three shipments arrived in the US in early December and at least one arriving in mid-November. If I recall correctly there are actually more records (four or five) but as of now, only three are viewable to the public for free.

Well guess what was partially announced today. The #MorpheXJeffreeStar brush set. Price point unknown but it's should be around the price of the Jaclyn Hill brush set collections.

These brushes are manufactured in China so for those of you who object to Chinese made goods may want to avoid these brushes.

EDIT: February 1, 2019

Cost of the brush set $49.


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