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Hello & Goodbye

Earlier in the month I made a “this is the end of” post. For the time being this is goodbye. I haven’t truly blogged in a few years as I’m quickly approaching my 50s. (Yikes! When did that happen? I’ll be 49 by the end of 2023.) While beauty products still interests me, there are younger people whose creativity & voices are stronger & more entertaining than my own. Let’s face it, I’ve never been the fun one in any aspect of my life. lol But recently my husband had his second heart attack known as the Widowmaker, while he has survived it & is in recovery, the fact remains we don’t know if the damage to his heart was permanent or not. In two months he will see his cardiologist who will then determine if he is to have bypass surgery to repair the left anterior descending artery. My focus right now is on our grandchildren, whom I’m currently caring for while their mom is deployed overseas until next summer (if not longer). Our business is currently closed & while we have ze