Morphe vs BECCA Cosmetics: Morphe withdraws lawsuit against BECCA

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Just a quick blog post this morning on the information shared with me by Beauty Truth Sleuth. Apparently, Morphe has withdrawn their lawsuit against BECCA Cosmetics and settlement has been reached in BECCA's favor. Terms of the settlement will not be made public.

If I had to guess, and I am with this opinion, all of Jaclyn's videos for BECCA (up on their YouTube channel), along with her Tweets, Snapchats, and emails that BECCA had with her - were enough to force Morphe to settle. I do believe BECCA had enough proof because a lot of it was and is still up on social media platforms, to show that the design for Champagne Pop was done for them by Ms. Hill with them guiding her.

In a long deleted SnapChat video she did talk about the design was done to be reminiscent of champagne bubbles. In a YouTube video for BECCA she clearly stated that the design was done by her with their help. So it's not a surprise that the design for HER collection with Morphe was similar to BECCA when the key factor was her.

As for the rest - her contract with BECCA - again, we'll never know what was in that contract because the evidence was never brought to court. Again, I'm guessing here, but since Linda told Beauty Business Magazine in the February 2016 issue that she was working with Jaclyn for a long time on a secret project which we later came to find out was the white palette with her name in silver foil and that design isn't the design they chose for the Vault collection. So Morphe, in my opinion, gave them (BECCA) evidence that Jaclyn violated her contract with them.

Honestly, the PR packaging for the Vault collection is cute - not going to say it wasn't - and they should have gone with that theme for the package and palette design itself instead of trying to use the design that they ended up with. It just occurred to me what they could have done with the design was if you bought all four and laid them on top of each other (like a puzzle) they form one picture of the vault door but individually the design would still be cute and functional. They should have gone that route instead of the way they went.

I'm glad the case against BECCA was settled and I do hope that they walked away from this as the victors because companies need to stop hurting other brands just to line their own pockets. And mega-influencers need to stop throwing companies under the bus when things go wrong.


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