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Updated August 27, 2018

Hi folks! So as a beauty blogger who has a background in cosmetology and esthetics (as a former student not as a licensed pro) and having worked as a makeup artist on and off over the years I can offer my readers a different point of view in how I look at products.

While I would love to work with your company I do have a few rules and requirements before I accept new products for testing and reviewing purposes. Obviously, a lot of companies don't like my methods and would rather pay $10,000 to $50,000 for a guaranteed positive review but that's not me and my opinion can't be bought - unless you have kittens to give me... oh wait, sorry I'm not allowed to have any more cats because my cats get jealous. Sorry, you can't bribe me with free trips, thousands of dollars in cash, thousands of dollars in free product, or other gifts. I like what I like and I don't like what I don't like.

If you want a mega-influencer to promote your product in hopes for an ROI for having paid them those thousands of dollars or taken them on trips that's up to you but I'm one of the older bloggers who abide by the FTC Rules and Regulations that prohibits a blogger or vlogger (aka social media influencer or mega-influencer) from taking cash payments for reviews. Basically, you can't buy my opinion. You can send me a product, sure, but there's no guarantee for a positive review.

Do you still want to submit products for reviewing consideration? Here's what you need to know.

How I review products

I don't give products a grade or rate the products by stars. The reason why I don't rate or grade products is that what works for me may not work for everyone else or what doesn't work for me may work for someone else. A negative review can hurt a product just as a stellar one can help so instead I base my reviews on my results and give the reader the information to decide to give the product a try for themselves or to reconsider.

When reviewing different products I'll base my review on the following:

  • Packaging
    1. Is the packaging eye pleasing?
    2. Is the packaging easy to open or use?
    3. Is the packaging fragile? Does it break easily or is it easily damaged?
    4. Is the packaging appropriate for the message the brand is trying to convey? 
    5. Can I travel with it?
  • Texture & Blending ability
  • Pigmentation
  • Performance
    1. How long does it last?
    2. Is it kiss proof or smudge proof?
    3. How does it hold up under different weather conditions?
  • Skin reactions
    1. Did it cause me to break out?
    2. Did it trigger an allergic reaction?
    3. Did it burn my eyes?
  • Cost
    1. Is it worth the money?
    2. Do you get your money's worth?
Skin Care

Similar to how I test cosmetics when it comes to skincare I also take into my overall results. One of the biggest things I look at is "Does it do what it claims?"

I try to be fair and give my readers the information they are looking for in deciding to try a product or not. I will point out to my viewers if there are ingredients that they may find questions such as parabens, talc or if the products are vegan or not as well as where the packaging states the item is made.

Sending Product & Review Deadlines

Generally, it will take up to 12 weeks when it comes to skincare products before I post my review of your product. The reason why is I may be in the middle of testing a different product of a similar nature or I may be allowing my skin a breather before trying something else. When it comes to cosmetics turn around time is between 4 to 12 weeks, however, it may be more or less depending on if I've had the chance to work with the product. I like to try the products in different types of weather and settings to see how the product actually holds up. I give it a real world go and sometimes factor in comments made by strangers to me about how I look. I'm not like other bloggers or vloggers that use the product for a hot minute and rave about the product and because I'm not like that it can take up to 12 weeks, sometimes more, for me to post the review.

If you're ready to send product(s) for my consideration please email me for my mailing address.

I also require the following items to be sent to me via email:
  • Full ingredients list. 
  • If the products have any ingredients that may cause issues with consumers (i.e. contains tree nut oils).
  • Country where product(s) was manufacturered (e.g. Made in Korea, Made in Japan). 
  • If there are any special considerations such as the products are vegan or gluten free.
  • High resolution images of your products and/or advertising campaign.
  • Fact sheets about the product(s).
  • Point of contact information. That information will be kept confidential.

Ready to send me product? You can contact me at

About Me

I attended cosmetology school while a junior and senior in high school, took theater makeup classes while in college, and have worked on and off over the years with bridal clients, quinceañeras, and with young adults and teens. Since the mid 2000s I have worked as a beauty blogger using my background in cosmetology and esthetics to provide information to my readers. I do not accept cash payments for my opinion on products. I do use affiliate and referral links as needed and disclose, as required by US law, those links and if I recieve a product(s) by a company for gratis.


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