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Sunday, January 19, 2020

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Makeup Geek* has recently undergone a change in product development including a whole new look for the brand!

So what's new for Makeup Geek*? Stage 1 of the rebrand includes new shades of eyeshadows, a few renames, new pan shapes, new palettes, and most importantly - eco-friendly packaging!

Makeup Geek Matrix palettes

There are 72 shades of neutrals*, colors*, and foils* that make up the rebranded line. Many are existing colors that were originally sold in round palettes but under the rebranding are now in the square pans. The new shadows have been reformulated so if there was one you liked in the past you should compare it to see what changed.

The "Signature Eyeshadow" are retailing for $5.49 each and the "Foil Eyeshadows" and "Power Pigments*" retail for $7.99 each. The new Matrix palettes cost $124.99 each or both for $219.99*.

Matrix Color Palette*
Made in the USA
Fill weight: 1.5g / 0.05 oz x 28
The Matrix Color Palette contains 28 shades, 7 are foiled and 21 are matte. This palette includes:

Green: Illuminaughty, Olive You, Spilled Tea, Enchanted Forest

Blue: Medieval, Blue Me Away, Seas The Day, Time Travel

Cool Purple: Daydreamer, Current Obsession, Curfew, Eternally Grapeful

Warm Purple: Whimsical, On Wednesdays, Back To The Fuchsia, Wine and Dine

Cool Pink: Starry Eyed, Tuscan Sun, Pinky Promise, Berry Shady

Warm Pink: In The Spotlight, Peach For The Stars, Staycation, Hot Tamale

Orange: Legend, Chickadee, Morocco, Brick House
Matrix Neutral Palette*
Made in the USA
Fill weight: 1.5g / 0.05 oz x 28

Like the Matrix Color Palette, the Neutral Palette includes 28 shades of which one is a shimmer and the remaining 27 are matte.
Beige: So Pale, Vanilla Bean, Shimma Shimma, Banana Split

Grey: Bedrock, Clean Slate, Take For Granite, Smoke Signal

Cool Brown: Beach Please, Latte As Usual, Espresso Yourself, Dark Roasted

Warm Brown:Creme Brulee, Honey Badger, Cheetah Bear, Chocolate Wasted

Blush: Prim And Proper, Blushing Beauty, Vintage, Americano

Red: Cupcake, Getting Figgy With It, Bitten, Give Me The Dirt

Yellow: Had Me At Yellow, Tiki Hut, Deja Brew, Coffee Before Talkee
The remaining shadows that are not in the Matrix palettes can be purchased as individual shadows OR can be found in one of the smaller palettes which are also available.

There are currently 14 Mini Palettes* that retail for $14.99 each. That breaks down to $2.50 each excluding the Clear Top Mini Palette* which on its own retails for $4.99.

There are currently seven 9-pan palettes which retail for $32.99. That breaks down to $2.56 each excluding the Travel Vault* which retails for $9.99. If you Create Your Own* the cost can range from $49.41 to $71.91 depending on the shadows you pick. Coming down the line you'll also be able to select from other face products to create a truly custom travel palette.

Also included in the relaunch are Eyelashes*! Lashes start at $7.99 and go up to $10.99 for the 3D Faux Mink Lashes.

Side notes:
As I was going through the ingredients list for the shadows I noticed a few things that I wanted to bring to people's attention. These things are something to consider if you have a corn allergy and/or are vegan.

44 shadows do contain corn starch and 24 contain carmine (of which 17 contain both). There are a few others that are not listed as vegan on the Makeup Geek website but do not contain carmine (I'm not listing those here). The lists that contain corn starch and/or carmine are as follows:

Contains Corn Starch Contains Carmine
  1. Americano
  2. Back to the Fuchsia
  3. Banana Split
  4. Beach Please
  5. Bedrock
  6. Berry Shady
  7. Bitten
  8. Blue Me Away
  9. Blushing Beauty
  10. Brick House
  11. Cheetah Bear
  12. Chickadee
  13. Chocolate Wasted
  14. Clean Slate
  15. Cupcake
  16. Curfew
  17. Current Obsession
  18. Dark Roasted
  19. Deja Brew
  20. Enchanted Forest
  21. Espresso Yourself
  22. Eternally Grapeful
  23. Getting Figgy With It
  24. Had Me At Yellow
  25. Honey Badger
  26. Hot Tamale
  27. Latte As Usual
  28. Medieval (Foil)
  29. Morocco
  30. Olive You
  31. On Wednesdays
  32. Peach for the Stars
  33. Peach Smoothie
  34. Pinky Promise
  35. Prim and Proper
  36. Seas The Day
  37. So Pale
  38. Spilled Tea
  39. Staycation
  40. Take For Granite
  41. Tiki Hut
  42. Tuscan Sun
  43. Vintage
  44. Wine and Dine
  1. Americano
  2. Back to the Fuchsia
  3. Berry Shady
  4. Blushing Beauty
  5. Brick House
  6. Cheetah Bear
  7. Courageous ("Power Pigment")
  8. Curfew
  9. Current Obsession
  10. Day Dreamer (Foil)
  11. Eternally Grapeful
  12. Getting Figgy With It
  13. Give Me The Dirt
  14. Hot Tamale
  15. Indestructible
  16. Invincible
  17. On Wednesdays
  18. Peach for the Stars
  19. Peach Smoothie
  20. Pinky Promise
  21. Staycation
  22. Unleashed ("Power Pigment")
  23. Untouchable ("Power Pigment")
  24. Wine and Dine


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