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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

☔️ | @beautylish : UP-coming Episode 2 will outline the reason [ Nils’ extreme disrespect ] for our divorce after much mutual love, so that our audience can understand such reasoning for the very necessary divorce — a reasoning that you, @smjr2000, @nicolalkilner and @bass.khalifa understand well. Thank you for our meeting on Saturday. -Brandon ———————————————[[[[ I apologize, on behalf of Nicola and the team, for the misspelling of the name of the great GOW brand, made “For Victoria Health” and stocked by @victoriahealth. I see a great fit between the three of you. GOW would likely perform well on your platform and I would suggest that you carry and stock their offering, with permission from their exclusive stockist(s). ]]]]... . ]]]] 💚 + 🍏 +🐮 + 🛸.
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I'm shocked. Okay, not really since the owner of Deciem is known to have some type of mental disorder that causes him to lash out at people. We're seen his erratic behavior on Instagram in the past so he's known to do stuff like this but this time his target is Nils' at Beautylish*.

Image from Deciem's Instagram Page. Used under U.S. Fair Use Act.
Image from Deciem's Instagram Page. Used under U.S. Fair Use Act.
Image from Deciem's Instagram Page. Used under U.S. Fair Use Act.

I've been a member of Beautylish* since BEFORE it began selling products online. Before I was even a member of MakeupTalk! I remember when they first announced they would become an online retail merchant. I even still have the card they sent with my order. (I never did get the Beautylish t-shirt that I was supposed to get! lol)

A year or two ago Nils and I had a disagreement over the Charlotte Tilbury products (discontinued products) sent to Lucky Bag buyers and even then when we had our difference of opinions on it he was NEVER EVER disrespectful towards me.

I don't know what went down between Nils and Brandon BUT I do know that Nils has ALWAYS been a gentleman.

Anyhow, as of now Beautylish* will continue to sell Deciem brands but once sold out that's it, there's no more and Deciem will no longer replenish their stock. This includes the following lines from Deciem:


The Ordinary*



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