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Monday, July 23, 2018

First, let me disclose two things. One, the Double Decker palette was sent to me free of charge by Alla, owner of SauceBox Cosmetics*. Second, she's a friend and I met her at IMATS LA the first year she showed. I have been in love with her products since with Black Widowꜛ STILL being my most favorite blackest black eyeshadow that I own. So some of you might find this blog post to be biased but I am loyal to a few brands and SauceBox Cosmetics* is one brand I'm actually loyal to because I love, believe, and use her products. (Sonia Roselli Beauty is another along with Skyn Iceland and Jesse's Girl Cosmetics - just to name a few more).

Image from SauceBox Cosmetics.
A while back SauceBox Cosmetics* released a game changer in terms of empty palettes that are affordable and available to the masses. It's her Double Deckerꜛ palette and contains not ONE palette but TWO in a single carrying case. That's right TWO palettes for the price of ONE.
Image from SauceBox Cosmetics.
Each palette holds eight of her individual shadows (16 total) or 15 "regular size" (26 mm) pans (such as Makeup Geek, MAC, or similar size pans). Other irregular size shadow pans vary in the amount that can be held on one palette or both.

Maybe you want to carry neutrals on one of the palettes and bold colors in the other but don't want to carry two individual palettes. Well, Double Decker is the palette for you then.

  • Carry only one case instead of two individual palettes.
  • Compact: Length & width: 6 3/4" x 4" (exterior); 5 7/8" x 3" (interior). Height: 7/8" (overall); 3/4" (individual)
  • Lightweight.
  • Solid, sturdy case.
  • No acrylic top to break.
  • Doesn't dent like metal.
  • Easy to clean with an alcohol wipe.
  • Environmentally-friendly since it's cardboard and can be recycled down the road.

  • Not for domed pans as it's too shallow for those types of pans.
  • Those of you who don't like cardboard palettes you might not like this one because it's cardboard.
  • For those of you who like see-through tops in your palettes, this is not see-through.
  • One size only.
So why do you need this palette over a ZPalette, Make Up For Ever, or any of the other numerous empty palette cases out there? I can't answer that for you but I can say from MY experience with it, it's smaller and fits nicely in my travel makeup case. For pro makeup artists where depotting is critical for spacing, this holds up to 30 26mm pans. It saves space in your kit by allowing you to have to carry only one palette that's really two instead of two actual individual ones.

Now, she currently has two combo sets for sale in addition to the empty palettes.

Double Deckerꜛ$21.99, regular price $23.99.
Double Decker with Equinoxꜛset $25, regular price $42.98.
Double Decker with Etude refillꜛset $30, regular price $59.98.

The BEST deal is with the Etude refill set since the Etude paletteꜛ, in its original case, is $40. Also, take the time to sign up for her emails because she'll have extra discounts that can even be applied to sale items.

ꜛ Not an affiliate link.
* Affiliate link.


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