Wayne Goss Cosmetics: Coming soon to Beautylish

Sunday, June 24, 2018

Wayne Goss announced that he's launching his own line of cosmetics which will be carried by Beautylish.

After watching his video let me first say, kudos to him for not launching a line of foundation yet. A friend of mine - Sonia Roselli - has previously mentioned that launching a full line of foundations in a diverse range of colors is very expensive (over six figures) and that the more shades a person wants, the more SKUs, the more expensive it is. Now a company can go the white label route and slap their brand name onto a pre-existing product from some manufacturers catalog but it appears that Wayne is attempting to go the route Sonia mentioned. Wayne also stated the foundations are a year or more away from being launched due to costs. He also mentioned powders but I didn't catch if these would be pressed or loose, my guess it'll be pressed.

Now if you don't know, Wayne has stated that his original brush line was and is self-funded. Unlike other YouTube artists who work with an existing company to launch their own line, and use a white label manufacturer, Wayne is doing this on his own and as such will be a slow build for him. I actually applaud him for that decision. His line is currently carried by Beautylish and his cosmetics will also be carried by them.

So what will his first item for release be? Possibly a six pan custom palette.

Image screenshot from Wayne Goss on YouTube.

Note: The colors in the prototype packaging is NOT the colors he's releasing. At this time he has not stated what the colors will be other than hinting this beautiful shade of blue, which may or may not be one of the colors he'll release.

Image from Wayne Goss Instagram.

The pans for his shadow palette are custom, based on what Anastasia (Viseart) has stated, this is also an expensive route to go compared to using "cookie cutter" pans. While Wayne didn't mention pan size the standard is 26 mm which is what the size was in the rejected prototype palette he showed on YouTube and on Instagram.

Images from Wayne Goss Instagram.
While this is not the final case, it's a mere prototype, it does give us an idea that he's going to attempt to create a lux line which is completely different than other social media influencers lines. The case he showed reminds me of the horrible mirror case Urban Decay used for their 15th Anniversary shadow palette. Hated and loved the packaging for the same reason - the pretty case. Hated handling it because of fingerprints but it's so pretty to look at. lol

Image screenshot from Wayne Goss on YouTube.
The other downside to this type of mirrored packaging is that if an alcohol wipe is used it can peel the mirror finish off over time. Hopefully, this won't be the case with this packaging but we'll have to wait and see.

The products will be carried by Beautylish either by the end of this year (if not sooner) or next year.

Excited? What are your thoughts.


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