Natasha Denona: Eyeshadow Palette 28

Wednesday, February 03, 2016

The biggest buzz among pros and non-pros these last few weeks since IMATS LA has been over Natasha Denona line and more specifically the eye shadow palettes. These 28 pan palettes are available on Natasha Denona's website and soon will be available on Beautylish.

The Green-Brown Eyeshadow Palette 28 along with the Purple-Blue Eyeshadow Palette 28 will retail on Beautylish for $239. Pan sizes are the same as in the Paletta 5s. Some of the colors found in the 28 palettes can be found in the 5 pan palettes ($49) and are also sold individually between $25 to $29 each. These shadows are made in Italy and are 2.5 g / 0.08 oz each.

Price wise. The 28 palettes are the best bang for your buck. While the entire palette is $239 each when you break it down the pans are approximately $8.54 each where as if you buy the shadows individually it ranges from $25 to $29 each.


In the Green-Brown palette there are six duo-chromes, five mattes, 13 metallics and four sparkling shadows.

  1. 58V Suede Matte
  2. 44M Indian Gold Metallic
  3. 45M Industrial Sparkling
  4. 43P Smoky Quartz Metallic
  5. 14M Antique Olive Duo-Chrome
  6. 90V Sand Storm Matte
  7. 61P Ochre Metallic
  8. 75S Skin Metallic
  9. 59M Moonstone Metallic
  10. 10M Aluminum Sparkling
  11. 20M True Gold Sparkling
  12. 85P Pinija Duo-Chrome
  13. 62S Terracotta Metallic
  14. 50M Sienna Duo-Chrome
  15. 64V Shell Matte
  16. 21S Cream Metallic
  17. 86P Golden Aquarmarine Duo-Chrome
  18. 18M Glam Green Sparkling
  19. 15M Bottle Green Metallic
  20. 88V Arizona Matte
  21. 68M Golden Flesh Metallic
  22. 78M Umber Metallic
  23. 57V Flamingo Matte
  24. 08V Tropic Duo-Chrome
  25. 17M Cloudy Blue Duo-Chrome
  26. 16M Emerald Green Metallic
  27. 31M Cool Bronze Metallic
  28. 58P Satin Tan Metallic

There are four duo-chromes, eight mattes, 15 metallics and one unknown, possibly sparkling shadows in the Purple-Blue palette.

  1. 70P Cool Plum Metallic
  2. 49M Vintage Duo-Chrome
  3. 63M Oxide Metallic
  4. 52M Golden Beige Duo-Chrome
  5. 09M Quick Silver Possibly sparkling
  6. 03V Deep Pacific Metallic
  7. 12M Glaze Metallic
  8. 75P Satin Skin Metallic
  9. 23P Smoky Plum Metallic
  10. 51M Rosewood Metallic
  11. 60M Golden Rose Duo-Chrome
  12. 11V Steel Blue Matte
  13. 84V Powder Blue Matte
  14. 38M Gray-Brown Metallic
  15. 40M Lavender Gray Metallic
  16. 28V Electric Violet Matte
  17. 22M Maroon Metallic
  18. 80M Piggy Metallic
  19. 11M Metallic Steel Blue Metallic
  20. 92M Petroleum Blue Metallic
  21. 04M Chromatic Metallic
  22. 32P Deep Slate Gray Metallic
  23. 82V Nina's Orchid Matte
  24. 23V Aubergine Matte
  25. 05M Calypso Blue Duo-Chrome
  26. 65V Smoke Matte
  27. 89V Koh Tao Matte
  28. 01V Navy Matte
Regarding the packaging, a few pro MUAs that I know who have purchased these palettes have said that the packaging is a bit cheap with the faux leather case however it's the closure that has some concerned. One of the biggest issues a makeup artist can encounter when traveling with their palettes is the palette opening accidentally and since the flip top is secured by two magnets the possibility of opening in the kit and becoming damaged is there. There are two simple workarounds for this - keep it in it's original sleeve when not in use or traveling or secure it with a rubber band.

Unlike the 5 pan palettes, the 28 pan palettes do not appear to be removable.

Available on Natasha Denona website and coming soon to Beautylish.

Disclaimer: Affiliate link. Images from Natasha Denona's website.


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