Philosophy favorites mega-size bath & body trio from QVC

Friday, May 08, 2015

I avoid watching QVC when possible because the sales people on it are really good and sometimes the deals are super tempting. Well this past Sunday (May 3, 2015)  I was flipping channels and got sucked right into watching QVC. I was hypnotized by the sales pitches and managed to not give in until they got to the Philosophy favorites mega-size bath & body trio for $76.92 plus shipping and tax.

Did I mention that they are also offering it on easy pay with five payments of $15.38 (before tax and shipping). I was sucked in and since Mother's Day is this coming Sunday I convinced the hubby to get it for me because of the easy payments. Those easy payments... temptation made easy.

There are three scents available and as of this post the Lemon Custard and Fresh Cream trio are still available with easy pay! The Sweet Vanilla Fig is on a wait list.

Lemon Custard
Fresh Cream
Sweet Vanilla Fig

What you get in this trio is HUGE. I saw how big each container was but honestly, I didn't really realize how big it was until I picked up the box from my stoop and opened it to this massive bottle of Shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath bottle. I chose the Lemon Custard because that is not normally sold on the Philosophy site or at Sephora and it really does smell like a lemon cake. Hmm, maybe it was a bad idea to order this since I'm now craving lemon cake. Sweet Vanilla Fig is the other scent not normally sold but Fresh Cream is a popular scent that is sold online at Philosophy's site.

Lemon Custard shampoo, shower gel & bubble bath, 64 fl. oz. (retail $48)

Lemon Custard glazed body soufflé, 16 fl. oz. (retail $30)

Lemon Custard body spritz, 16 fl. oz. (retail $35)

Trio price: $76.92, regular retail price $113. Basically it's like buying getting the body spritz for free!

An alternative product to the Philosophy 3-in-1 is the ULTA brand 3-in-1 smoothies ($16, 24 fl. oz.) however they don't offer a lemon scent. I do love their Buttercream which smells very similar to Philosophy's Birthday Cake which is another scent that I love.

Tonight is Friday which means it's Friday Night Beauty, someone hide the remote! lol


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