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I mentioned a few days ago that I decided to give Julep a second chance but prior to that I actually did order the Diamond Mystery Box mainly because I did have a $30 credit and they had the Shine Time promo code (now expired) so out of pocket I paid less than $6.50 for a Matte Top Coat.

I placed my order for the Diamond Mystery Box on November 11 along with the mystery box I also ordered the Julep Matte Top Coat and the Shine Time Gift which is valued at $120. I paid a whopping $6.19 out of pocket. Ok, I'm going to be honest here... I was greedy. I saw the Shine Time promo code and did the math in my head to figure out how I could best get my hands on it without spending too much since I had that credit but knew I would have to pay something out of pocket. Part of me want to give Julep a second chance but a bigger part of me was like, "oohhh.... shiny polish!" Let's face it, I was a cat in a past life and I'm sucked into purchases based on shiny, shiny. I figured either Julep was going to impress me OR they were going to piss me off so why not just spend that $30 credit get a bonus out of it and stop hoarding the credit because I'd have to spend it eventually. Between them revealing two polishes in Diamond Mystery Box plus bringing the skips back I reluctantly decided to go back to blogging about Julep since I want to talk about the purchases I made using the last of my credits.

Well, let's just say things didn't work out how I thought it would with the Julep Diamond Box but to be fair I can't really blame Julep for what happened. I placed the order on the 11th and on the 13th I received my shipping confirmation. According to the original tracking my box should have arrived on the 20th and it arrived at the Grove City FedEx hub on the 14th. From there it went from Grove City, Ohio to Youngstown, Ohio on the 17th and was suppose to arrive in Willington, Connecticut that same day however my package disappeared.

I waited and waited and no updates on the package. On the 20th no package and no updates but I was aware that New York was buried in snow and figured it might be delayed due to snow but as I looked at the map I thought it was strange for my package to head to upper New York to get to Connecticut but figured that had to be it. By Friday, the 21st, I contacted FedEx and on Monday I did get a call back from them stating that the package had been in Connecticut since the previous week and was heading to the USPS hands but tracking showed something completely different. According to tracking it didn't get into Connecticut until the 24th and skipped going to Auburn then Foxborough like my other packages have done. You can see from the screenshot that after the 17th there really are no arrival and departures until the 24th. I know I'll never know what happened but something did happen during it's trip from Ohio to me.

As I've stated before, I can't blame Julep for what happened to my package during transit and the following pictures show that there was damage to the package during transit. I firmly believe that someone at FedEx repackaged my Julep order because the cardboard exterior box is undamaged while the interior black Julep box is damp and crinkled from some type of liquid damage. In fact, the label itself looks very odd because it looks like it was not only cut and taped on but the back of it looks like it was peeled off a pink or purple box. Even the packing slip is wrinkled like it was wet.

So I took photos as I unpacked the box and realized that I'm missing the Matte Top Coat, I have feeling that if the box was repacked by someone then the top coat was lost or lost during transit. I did email Julep about that since there is no way to be sure if it was originally shipped or not. The rest of the items did arrive undamaged though funky smelling but I think it's because the black box that the Mystery Box items came in had been wet at some point.

I received Diamond Mystery Box variation #2 plus the Shine Time bonus items.
The Shine Time items were:

I have to say I'm better impressed with this box compared to the Jewel Heist box. It does seem that Julep listened to the complaints - not just my complaints but everyone who contacted them about the Jewel Heist. The two variations contain items that are currently sold on the site at full price and nothing appears to be a discontinued item. In fact all the old products - those mascaras, lip glosses from 2012 - have been pulled from the Julep site.


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