Julep: Return of the skip option

Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Julep has reintroduced the ability to skip if you don't want a box for the current month. Accounts created prior to December 2013 were grandfathered in so we never lost our ability to skip but accounts created from mid-December 2013 and onward could not skip. As a result of the skip option removed there was a monthly rush by new members to cancel their accounts before they were charged and this in turn contributed to, if it was not the #1 issue, Julep's lack of customer service due to Julep's CS being overwhelmed by those wanting to cancel their accounts.

The complaints made on the Better Business Bureau against Julep resulted in the BBB issuing Julep a F rating. I don't know how many complaints were made against Julep with the Washington State Attorney General's Office but I am aware of the complaints made to KOMO in Seattle. I know that I had filed a complaint against Julep with the BBB however it was closed in my favor with Julep not only refunding me the money I spent on my September Mystery Box but also refunded my two $15 credits as one credit. I did use my $30 credit to purchase the November Mystery Box as well as a Matte Top Coat plus I was able to get an additional free item, that box should arrive tomorrow (Thursday, November 20, 2014) and I'll review it once it does arrive.

So what does the return of the skip option means? It means ALL customers will be able to skip the month IF they remember to skip before the 24th of the month otherwise you will be charged either $19.99 (for those grandfathered in) or $24.99 (for those who signed up after the price increase). HOWEVER!! That all said Julep still faces one issue that they need to fix - the ability the cancel online.

As of right now if you are a Julep Maven while you now have the ability to skip the monthly box by the 24th of the month you still cannot cancel your account online and must contact Customer Service either via email or via phone. This is still a major problem for those Julep Mavens who no longer wish to deal with Julep despite being able to skip. Let's face it, you forget to skip you're going to get charged either that $19.99 or $24.99 plus applicable tax for you monthly box. If Julep allowed members to cancel their accounts online it would free up their customer service to help customers with other issues they may have.

The other issue still not addressed by Julep, and to which I've emailed Jane about after finding out about the skip being reintroduced, was that Julep's previous referral system was fantastic and needs to be returned. At this time if you use a referral link and someone signs up you're given a $15 credit if they remain with Julep. Unfortunately these credits could not be stacked and while it technically is a better deal than 2000 Jules for every two referrals the fact is that the old system allowed people to get products for free while the current referral system doesn't. A good compromise would be to allow people to stack their $15 credits and not have any restrictions such as a minimum purchase.

Personally, I'm happy to see the return of the skip feature - now called "I’m out this month" and I'm pleased that the November Mystery Box contained two new polishes since originally the Mystery Boxes use to contain polishes not seen in that month's Maven boxes. I'm hoping that Julep either returns the referral system to the previous version or allow the credits to be stacked because I really miss my free boxes and I know many other people - both bloggers and non-bloggers - also enjoyed scoring a free box or two from time to time.

Lastly, since it was mentioned on my Facebook wall which I TOTALLY agree with - Julep please make the option to skip CLEARLY VISIBLE. Don't make it hard to skip. Have the CONFIRM or SKIP button look similar instead of making that skip link kind of hard to track down.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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