PopSugar Must Haves: My thoughts on the February 2014 box

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I absolutely blame the ladies at MakeupTalk.com on this. I didn't plan on subscribing to PopSugar, mainly due to the cost of almost $40 per month ($39.95), but someone on MUT posted a 50% off promo code which brought the price down to a little under $20. The price point appealed to me and so I subscribed. They got me hook, line and sinker! LOL

My box came quickly so I was excited and I already knew, again thanks to the ladies at MUT, what I was getting. I'll admit, if I paid full price for this particular box I'd be a little let down since nothing is really a "Must Have" in my book but at under $20, I'm loving the contents. So what did I get?

Must Have Fashion
First item was the Gorjana-Griffin Brooks Jewelry Roll which retails for $45. Unfortunately for me I have no use for it only because I already store my jewelry in similar rolls but those rolls don't tie and instead have a snap closure. Still, it's a nice item, no use for me so I'll put this up for sale on PoshMark.

Must Have Beauty
Next item was Nourish Organic Pure Hydrating Argan Face Serum ($23.95). The first time I've tried their products was via Ipsy and while I wasn't crazy about the Coconut & Argan Body Lotion I did eventually use it all up so I'm absolutely willing to give this a try. Unlike the body lotion, I do like the scent from this one.

Must Have Home

Next up was the K Hall Designs Peony Travel Candle ($11). While it's a tiny candle I do enjoy the scent. I'll use this as I do the one from Illume (can't recall which beauty box it came out of). I don't burn this by lighting it and instead place it on a candle warmer which melts the wax without really wasting it.

Must Have Beauty

Now this ModelCo Lip Pops Duo Lip Gloss and Lipstick did eventually "wow" me. I thought, at first, it was strictly lip gloss (wasn't wowed because I have so many glosses) until I looked at the booklet and saw it has a built in lipstick (then I was wowed)! How cool is that?! The downside was there was no sticker on the bottom telling me which color I got but I do know that it's not Showgirl Red. Unfortunately, these are not sold individually and are only available (as of this post) in a Lip & Lash Duo Kit Set which contains three different Duo Lip Gloss and a mascara for $49.

(Edit: ModelCo rep had this to say about the color, "The colour of the nude shimmer gloss is “Strip Tease”, whilst the brownish pink lipstick is called “Dusk”")

Must Have Food

I'm not overtly fond of candy though there are times I do get a craving for gummy bears so these Sugarwish Mini Red Cinnamon Hearts will be passed onto my kids. Not entirely sure of the value on these since there is no weight listed but according to my scale I received 0.5 oz and the Petite Sugarwish box is $25 for four 1/4 pound of candy so this has an approximate value of $6.25.

Must Have Beauty

The NCLA Rodeo Drive Royalty Nail Polish ($16) is a really pretty dark shade of red. I like the color but unfortunately the cap was loose so the polish leaked into the cap and onto the threads and the polish is the state of drying up because the polish happens to be very thick. I've contacted PopSugar about it since I have no idea if they'll replace it or what.

(Edit: I contacted PopSugar and they're sending me a replacement. Super happy about that since the polish color is very nice and a color I would wear.)

Special Extra

Meh. The Dial Vitamin Boost Body Wash ($5.79) will be used here and it does smell nice but not exactly what I was expecting in a PopSugar Must Have box and it most certainly didn't "wow!" me at all. Still, we'll use it since the scent isn't overtly feminine and not overtly masculine either so it's perfect for my boys to use.

Overall, not bad for about $20. Like I said before, if I paid full price of almost $40 I wouldn't be too happy having paid $40 for all this but it was less than $20 so it's not too bad.

I'll continue another month with PopSugar and see how it goes.

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  2. I got hooked into Pop Sugar with a discount code too. I can see myself getting wrapped up in a vicious cycle--I didn't love the box, but I don't want to unsubscribe--what if I miss a great box next month?! And I can see that going on and on and on while I accumulate a bunch of unnecessary stuff!

    1. LOL This is so true. In the past I use to give myself three months. If I like the majority of items then I'd stick with the company another three months. If I didn't use or like the majority of items within that three months I'd cancel. A few I cancelled right after the 1st box like Go Go Girlfriend (so glad I did with that one since they went belly up the month after I tried the box for the first time).


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