My Thoughts: Ipsy February Glam Bag

Saturday, February 15, 2014

So my Ipsy bag arrived yesterday but not in the normal pink bubble mailer but in a large yellow envelope. I did use up 1,000 of my Ipsy points to redeem on the Kiss Nail Kit but it was too late for it to come in my January Ipsy bag so instead it came this month. I spent another 1,000 right at the end of January for the Benefit High Beam.

Before I go into what I actually got and my thoughts on the items I received let me say that Ipsy is quickly becoming like Birchbox with variations. Unlike Birchbox, Ipsy does not publish all the variations on their site however on the bag they ship out there is a bag number located on the shipping label. This number may be hidden under or by a smaller label. This month my label # is partially hidden by the smaller label but you can see it clearly states, "IPSY BAG17LAX&Bea". The whole label includes "BEAMKISS" which are the two redemption items I received.

So I opened my bag and saw the plain pink bag with the white zipper. The white pull says IPSY on it. I'm not a fan of pink but it's simple with no designs on it and I'll use it. I opened up the bag and pulled out the items and quickly realized I didn't get the bag I was expecting.

What I was expecting What I received
POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini
Zoya Nail Polish Zoya Nail Polish
Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base In One Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base In One
J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue
First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay skyn ICELAND Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud

I checked my Glam Room and it still shows that I was to receive the FAB cleanser but I didn't get that and instead received the Skyn Iceland mud mask which I'm actually happier about since I didn't want the FAB cleanser in the first place. Granted the FAB cleanser has a higher value than the mask but for me the mask is a better item. No idea if Ipsy has been reading my posts and had their shipping facility substitute the item OR if it was mistake on the shipping warehouse part. I've emailed Ipsy and should hear back from them by Tuesday.

POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini

The color in person is pretty and it's a shade I would pick out for myself so I'm happy to try this. (Edit: This was a complete bust! The mini gloss smells like a broken vacuum cleaner belt so it has a nasty burnt rubber smell to me. For more info see my blog post on the matter. If you received this item from Ipsy and your POP Beauty Plump Pout Mini gloss reek please contact Ipsy ASAP.)

Zoya in Odette

I like the muted purple color. I actually was waiting to see if I was getting this color or Dot because I wanted to go to ULTA and see if they still had that sale going for the gift with purchase on two of the colors from the collection that color came from. I'm happy with this color.

'Tini Beauty Eyetini Cordial Cream Shadow + Base In One in Ambrosia

Meh. LOL Ok, so sometimes I'll go "meh" on something and once I tried it I'll end up liking it or loving it... or hating it. lol So while the item is something I wouldn't pick out for myself, I'll give this color a try. I had a pending trade on this if the color wasn't Ambrosia which it is so that trade fell through. So since it did I'll give it a whirl.

J.Cat Beauty Eyelashes + Eyelash Glue

I'm a lash lover. I love lashes and I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm lashed out! LOL I received lashes in my December (2013) Glam Bag and my daughters also received lashes in the December and June Ipsy bags. While I will go out and buy more lashes I would love to try other products besides lashes.

These are 747XS from J.Cat are actually very natural looking so it looks like I will be able to wear these with my glasses.

skyn ICELAND Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud

 So, as I mentioned above I was expecting the First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with Red Clay but instead received the skyn ICELAND Fresh Start Mask with Ice Age Mud. I'm actually thrilled with this mistake the shipping did OR if it wasn't a mistaken then I'm thankful that the folks at Ipsy substituted the item I didn't want. Granted it caused my pending trade to fall through since I was going to trade the FAB with another member at MakeupTalk for her mud mask but that's okay for me. I love the eye gels from Skyn Iceland so I'm excited to try this out.

As for the bag itself, I like the plainness of the bag, not a fan of pink but like how plain it is. I also like the interior pattern with the pink cheetah print inside. I wouldn't mind if they revisited this style again but in PURPLE. lol

Overall, I ended up happy with what I received this month from Ipsy. I wasn't at first but a simple "oops" or "substitution" for something I wanted did make me happy. Now had a second substitution been on the lashes... well I would have been ecstatic. I love lashes but out of everything else they could have sent out... I would have liked to try something different. Oh well, it is what it is. lol

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