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Thursday, February 20, 2014
Birchbox subscribers who received the “Step and Repeat” themed box this February should be getting their boxes now.

If you're not subscribed to Birchbox if you subscribe by February 23 you will not only get a Us Weekly + Birchbox collaberation box but also, "for new subscribers, a 12-issue subscription to Us Weekly (a $9.95 value) PLUS get 100 extra Birchbox Points—good for $10 off anything in this Shop!*"

On March 2nd, immediately following this year’s Academy Awards®, Us Weekly and Birchbox will give customers the chance to shop Sunday’s hottest red-carpet looks first with a “Get the Look” shop featuring a selection of products straight from Gwen and the celeb insiders at Us Weekly. The Oscars®-inspired products and tips will also be featured in the March 12th issue of Us Weekly.

Beauty Protector Protect Oil, sample size unknown

I already love the Beauty Protector Protect and Detangler spray, smells amazing, and this oil smells exactly like the detangler spray! While I'm not crazy about the sample bottle (wish it was in a glass spray bottle) the sample size actually is pretty large and since you don't need that much oil this should last a very long time. I might have to order a full size bottle of this one since I already love the detangler spray.

"Smooth one to three drops into damp hair, working from the roots to ends. Or, you can apply a small amount to the ends of dry hair to tame frizz and provide light conditioning."

Full size is $21.95, 4 oz
Sample value: unknown

I've used this in past and am glad to get another sample of this. I also like the Pores No More Vacuum Cleaner mask.  The Refiner is a primer and it's applied before you apply your makeup. It not only helps minimize the appearance of pores but also mattifies the skin.
Work a thin layer into your face after completing your morning regimen. Pay special attention to cheeks and the tip of your nose.
Full size: $45, 1 oz
Sample value: $11.25

Two of my daughters really love the Juicy Couture perfume samples and every time I get a sample, one of them makes off with the perfume! LOL I'm sure my eldest will love this sample since it has a very sweet sugary smell like her favorite perfume Aquolina's Pink Sugar.
Meet me in Malibu! Couture La La Malibu embodies the effortlessly glam California attitude while embracing the bold and colorful spirit of L.A. Sparkling mandarin notes are highlighted with sweet pink sugar, creating a radiant fragrance that captures the casual-luxe spirit of Los Angeles, California. 2.5oz. EDT.
Full size: $72, 2.5 oz
Sample value: $1.44

I have two other Ruby Wing Color Changing polishes and I still think these are fun to have since it changes colors. It still reminds me of the color changing t-shirts we use to have back in the early 90s. lol

The color I was sent is a very hot pink called Kitten Heels, when exposed to the sun it turns red! The cat lover in me loves the names though I do know it refers more to the shoe style than to actual cats. lol If more products were named after cats, I'd be broke.
After applying your favorite base coat, apply two thin coats of Ruby Wing polish. Add a topcoat for shine and protection (don’t worry, it won’t impact the color-changing technology). Step out into the sun and admire your shade-shifting mani.
Full size: $10, 0.5 oz
Sample value: $5

Ok, I'm so on the fence about these. They remind me of Pop Rocks candy because they pop in your mouth but what throws me for a loops is you're suppose to swallow it! I guess you can think of it as a Pop Rocks meets a Lifesaver breath mint. LOL I'm not sure if I'd buy these or not because it's so radically different from products I'm use to but I'm sure my kids would think these were fun to try.
Pour the contents of an individual pack into your mouth and swish the crystals around, rubbing them against teeth and tongue. Let them dissolve or swallow and enjoy peppermint-fresh breath!
Full size: $9.99, 15 packets
Sample value: $1.33

Overall thoughts of this Us Weekly + Birchbox collaberated box. Looking at the 63 box variations for the month of February and most of the items are things I would enjoy sampling. While this particular box, box 9, was not a "makeup" box I think it's a pretty good box. I know I'll be using the vast majority of items from it and will most likely purchase at least one of the items. I know my girls will probably make off with the nail polish and perfume.

Subscribers can also review the items they receive for 10 points each and once you reach 100 points you can either save the points or use the 100 points for $10 off your next purchase. I like hoarding my points and use the points with a promo code to get more bang for my points.

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*Offer details: Receive 100 extra Birchbox Points on Birchbox subscription purchases. When your Birchbox subscription is ready, they’ll email you a promo code to apply at checkout. Please note that promo code can only be used 1 time per customer, is valid on new Birchbox subscriptions only, and cannot be combined with any other offers. Offer available through Saturday, February 23, 11:59 pm EST. **For Us Weekly subscription and rebate details, click here.


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