Fortune Cookie Soap Valentine's Day Collection

Monday, January 20, 2014

This year's Fortune Cookie Soap Valentine's Day collection is called Wine Me, Dine Me. There are eight items that make up this collection with prices that range from $4.69 and go up to $19.69.

I want all of these goodies from Fortune Cookie Soap! If you're a subscriber to their Fortune Cookie Soap Box and haven't used it the promo code enclosed you might want to use it on these items. I have mine and think I'll use it for $10 off my order.

"Blow Up Doll" Lip Balm
Smashed strawberries oozing with moist sugar.

Sugar Daddy Bath Bomb (3.5 oz)
Slay The Dragon with This Bath Bomb! Finally, finally, finally we, have captured the mysterious scent that is Dragon's Blood. Not only have we captured it in the form of a bath bomb, but this sweet/spicy mix is ideal if you are looking to bring out your naughty side this Valentine's Day. "Exotic, haunting, and sensual" are just a few of the words that have been used to describe this extremely ancient and very mysterious fragrance. Vanilla, Amber, Spices and Asian Floral Oh My! These are just some of the notes that you will smell in this heart-shaped and bright pink concoction that is spicy and sweet all at the same time!
"So Cliche" Fortune Cookie Soap
With this ring…that's right - we liked it so much, we put a ring on it!

A sweet floral concoction; creeping with jasmine, lilac, & lily of the valley, swirled with light, fruity vapors of peach, lemon, lime, & tart green apple, all drenched in sugared candy.

*includes cheesy ring, packaged in a black takeout box

"Quickie" Steam Me Up Scotty!
When you just don't have the time to go all out.

Red pomegranate exploding with notes of osmanthus & fluffy, gooey marshmallow.

Set of 3
"Happy Ending" Massage Bar
Flip over!

Sensual amber, dark vanilla & patchouli, with a shadowy cast of romantic rose, jasmine and lilac, smeared with cotton candy, lemon drops and sticky caramel.

AKA Practice Safe Hex

Set of 2

Usage: Formulated to melt at body temperature - massage directly into the skin. Take your time, this is meant to be a luxurious experience, give yourself a few minutes for the butters to sink into the skin before getting dressed.
"Booty Call" Whipped Cream
This little hoochie mamma whipped cream is ready at the drop of a hat!

Sexy white chocolate, sweetened by hints of creamy butter & vanilla bean, laced with tart, ripe raspberries.

Txt me!!

"Nooner" Dusting Powder

I will, if you will!

A sparkling citrus ménage à trios of orchid, jasmine, & black rose, darkened with naughty amber & musk.

Directions for use: Soft scented powder. Smooth some on your girly bits, and in all the places you'd like to keep smooth and dry. Sprinkle some on your sheets for a sexy slumber party.

Share The Love! Spicy, sweet, hot and wet you might think that we are describing something dirty but really, we are describing our newest and latest fortune cookie soap box The Love Box! This box has come around just in time for Valentine's Day and it contains everything from The Candy Addict, Violet Raspberries, Nature's Chill Pill, bright and Vivid colors, a little dash of Cabaret and don't forget the Raspberry Cream!

So anything catch your eye?

Disclaimer: Info and images from Fortune Cookie Soap.


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