Wantable: Halloween Limited Edition Box

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Wantable has been a sponsor of MakeupTalk and many of the members there are also Wantable subscribers. I never subscribed due to the cost but overall the general consensus of the Wantable boxes have been generally positive.

I was asked if I would like to review them and said yes because I've been curious about their boxes. This review however is not on behalf of MakeupTalk but for my own blog.

I was offered a gift credit and allowed to pick which of the four box variations I wanted to try. I took a look at all four boxes and decided that since it's October and Halloween is at the end of the month to order the Halloween limited edition box as it contained products from Cinema Secrets. Now I'm familiar with Cinema Secrets and when I was in college taking drama courses in my kit were products from Cinema Secrets, along with other well known stage brands, so I was excited to pick the Halloween LE box because of this. It's been years since I've used Cinema Secrets cosmetics and so it wasn't a hard choice for me to pick.

The box arrived today which was pretty fast since many companies tend to use ground shipping which can take up to two weeks depending on the shipping company and where it's coming from. In this case, the Wantable box comes from Wisconsin and came via First Class mail. I actually placed the order late in the evening of October 1 and it looks as if it was shipped on the 2nd so it was in transit approximately five days. That's a big plus for me since as an impatient person I hate slow shipping.

The exterior of the box was a plain white box but on the opposite side of the shipping label was a sticker with the Wantable name and with a Día de Muertos skull. Inside the box when I first opened it came another sticker which I thought was a fun item for them to add to the box. Also inside were two thank you cards - one talking about their company and the other about the box. Also inside was an itemized list of what was inside the box.

The items were packed in between two foam cushions which I've never seen another beauty box subscription service doing. Other companies either pack their items with tissue paper or nothing at all. The foam cushion protects the items from all the bumps while traveling. Big plus for me in that because there have been items I get an item from a different company and it was damaged during transit. Granted the foam cushion won't keep things from breaking if the box was deliberately thrown around but it does help during the normal bumps these packages go through while being shipped. Once I removed the top cushion the smaller items were packed in a little bag while the larger items were under that bag. Below all of the items was the other foam cushion that sandwiched the items.

Lipstick Palette Kit in #1 Can Buy Me Love, retail $18.
There are five different shades of red lip colors that range from a light red (Simply Red) to dark (Paprika). You can mix the colors to customize your own shade of red or use each color individually. While these do not come with a lip brush there is a well for you to add a small one if you choose to.
Ultimate Lip Pencil in Ruby, retail $1.
This is a darker red lip liner. Downside: It's a wood pencil liner! I think I need to glue a magnet to my sharpener and maybe then I won't be losing my sharpeners constantly.
False lashes #138 & adhesive, retail $4.98
These are made in Indonesia and so my guess is that these are made of human hair. #138 are dramatic long lashes. Sadly for me, these are a pass as I wear glasses and the length of these are too long for me to wear without the lashes brushing against my lenses. Since my youngest will be in a play in two weeks these will be used on her instead. In fact I think I'll be using the vast majority of the makeup from this box for the play.
Ultimate Eyeshadows in Gold & Very Black, retail $10 each
Each pan is 0.05 oz. I'll have swatches of these up in a few days if not by tomorrow. I haven't used Cinema Secrets shadows in years but I do recall that their shadows use to be very pigmented because these are typically used in the movie/tv industry as well as on stage. As I mentioned before Cinema Secrets products were items I used when I took drama classes in college.
Hollywood Lights Glitz in Oscar & Chorus Line, retail $7.50 each
Glitter! I love glitter and the two colors sent - a lovely teal and a gold with iridescent shift are making the glitter girl in me squee with happiness. Each jar contains approximately 0.07 oz of product.

Tacky Glitter Adhesive, 0.5 oz, retail $8
I'm use to using Lit Cosmetics and Eye Kandy's glitter adhesives so I'm very interested in seeing how this one works and compares to the ones I use.

Total box retail value: $66.98. Savings $26.98 - $30.98.

I do wish there were a few different items in it since it's a Halloween box such as the Spirit Gum kit but that's just me nitpicking again. The products in the box are all fantastic and things I will use beyond Halloween.  In my opinion it's worth the $40 one-time only price and has even peeked my curiosity to try them out for three months at $36 per month.

If you're not interested in the Halloween box they do offer three other box choices this month - the normal Makeup Box, an Accessories box and an Intimates Box. All four variations are the same price - $40 one time only or $36 monthly subscription. Best of all they have a money back guarantee so if you end up not loving it they'll refund your money!

So for me, this has definitely wanting me to sign up for the November box.

Edit: I've seen a few other boxes that did not contain the Tacky Glitter Adhesive and in it's place was Spirit Gum! LOL

Disclaimer: Complementary box for reviewing purposes. Referral link.


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