Birchbox haul (and why I love their points system)

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Ok, so Birchbox actual monthly boxes have been lackluster for me over the 10 months and I did quit for a month (but didn't actually miss any months). What has me hooked on Birchbox is their points system. They have the best rewards system of any company I've ever seen be it a beauty box subscription or loyalty rewards system from Sephora or ULTA. If it weren't for their points system I'm not sure if I'd still be a subscriber; I can tell you that I know without their points system I wouldn't order off their site and would stick with ULTA (in stores) or Sephora (online) or Beautylish.

First let me go over my points history as I was asked on Facebook about how long it took me to earn my points. So I dropped my original subscription in June and resubscribed on July 12. Only July 7 I placed an order and had 1095 points which I redeemed for a bunch of Sumita (Ziba Beauty) liners, Benefit's Stay Flawless Primer and Carol's Daughter Monoi shampoo and conditioner. After redeeming those items I had 95 points left but earned one point for having paid $1 out of pocket on that order. I rejoined Birchbox on the 12th and earned 10 points (monthly subscription rather than yearly). That brought my total up to 106 points.

As I said before, while it was about month since I quit my subscription I did get a July box and those item came and I reviewed those items after the 23rd and earned 50 points which gave me 156 points . I earned another 10 points from reviewing bobby pins which brought the total up to 166 and by the end of July I had a total of 616 points which came from referrals. I earned 40 more points from reviews in August and 250 from referrals by the end of August bringing the total up to 906. I earned 50 points from reviews in September and 100 from referrals bringing the total at the end of September up to 1056. I reviewed the September items in October. (Note, since signing back up to Birchbox my boxes are now arriving the last week of the month so more times I'm reviewing my items the first week of the new month before I miss the cut off.) As of October 2 I had 1106 points. It's these points I used for my latest Birchbox purchase.

I could have sworn that 100 points of that 1106 was for the "oops" of my GrandeCentral polisher having been open and partially empty/dried out but looks like I wasn't given those points. I did get a replacement for it with an apology though but thought they also gave me points. I was wrong about that.

Now I had intended to continue to horded my points but on October 2 they posted on their wall that with the purchase of $85 or more people would get a free mini Amika hair dryer. It was tempting. Then my daughter got an email from Birchbox with a 20% off promo code (COMEBACK20OFF) which I applied to my order. Free hair dryer, 20% off... 1106 points. Yeah, I'm a fish and took the bait. Bye-bye 1100 points, hello almost $174 worth of products for 32 cents!

BTW - I was told, earlier this evening which I wish I knew about before but didn't, that on top of all that if you spend $35 or more (no promo code necessary) you can pick a Mystery Item. Well drat! Oh well, what's done is done and while the greedy child in me really is irked to have missed out the rational adult side of me is saying let it go.

So what did I order?

Beauty Protector Protect & Detangle spray, $21.95

I received a deluxe size sample of this in my May box and really loved the smell. I've been joking on Facebook, well half-jokingly, that Downy needs to make a fabric softener out of this smell. It smells really good. Is that a great product, honestly I no longer remember but remember I've wanted it because of the smell so I ordered it. That's bad, that I don't recall if I liked it or not and only remember that I wanted it because of the smell. lol I must have liked it because regardless of the smell I wouldn't normally waste money or points on something I wouldn't use. Well, guess I'll find out if I did like it for more than just the smell.

Unfortunately, not with this particular bottle. It came with the top loose and the contents spilled. Thankfully for the plastic wrapping the hair clips and hair dryer and most likely the plastic bubble padding nothing else was damaged. The box smelled wonderful though.

Egyptian Magic Skin Cream 4oz, retail $38

Note to vegans: This is primarily made from bee products and is not vegan friendly.

I've been wanting to purchase this for a while now since I keep reading great reviews about it. This IS a product that if you're going to buy you need to buy it from a legitimate source as it IS counterfeited. So buyer be ware. This is why I bought via Birchbox rather than Amazon.

 beautyblender® double, retail $25.95

I already own and have owned Beautyblender in the past. My current one is starting to fall apart and it's long past time to replace it. So this time I bought the duo pack. I'll probably pick up a big bag of the white Beautyblenders at IMATS LA in January. (I think last time it was about $55 or $60 for a bag.)

While there are duplicate sponges on the market none really are like Beautyblenders which are less dense than other sponges on the market. It's expensive which is why I like using my points to purchase these. (What can I say? I'm cheap.)

Mally Beauty Evercolor Poreless Face Defender, retail $40

I'm sorry but there is no way I would pay $40 for this out of pocket. Oh, I've been wanting one for years now and have tried Skinn Cosmetics version (less expensive, more difficult to purchase) but $40 for this? Yeah, again, I'm cheap and I could never justify spending $40 on this. So glad Birchbox is now carrying it because I could justify using my points on this.

Birchbox Oversized Barrettes, retail $12

Kat has been bugging me for cute hair stuff and these are cute albeit something most adult women would never wear but she's 14 and can get away with wearing stuff like this. These are huge and not for the timid. I know it was a stupid purchase but once she saw these she was excited to wear one to school. Like my eldest her class color is green. (Eldest graduated in June so the outgoing class color becomes incoming class color.)

Finally the free item. Gift With Purchase: Exclusive amika Mini Mod Blowdryer, retail $36

It's tiny! The barrettes are larger than the hair dryer! LOL I did plug it in to make sure it wasn't damaged by the spray and it's fine. No damage to it or to the storage bag. The plastic bag was covered in the detangling spray so I'm happy that the carrying bag was covered in that plastic bag. It seems like it's as powerful as my full size hair dryer which is good. This is actually going to my eldest who had said a few days before I placed my order she needed a new hair dryer.

In all the total purchase was $173.90. After 20% and the $36 credit the total came to $110.32. I applied 1100 points and so my out of pocket was only 32 cents. Oh how do I LOVE Birchbox's points system. It's the absolute best rewards system out there.

I do have to say though that if it weren't for the referral points I would have only earned - since July - only 160 points ($10 on the way to $20). Still that would be a $10 credit and if the average is 50 points per month at the end of 12 months that would still be 600 points or $60 to spend on the site and couple that with a promo code and I could still do a decent haul.

Oh and before I forget, yes, Birchbox is replacing the damaged detangling spray and issued me 100 points for the trouble. So big thank you to Birchbox for that.

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