NYX Cosmetics: 20 Shades of Ipsy

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Per request. I've contacted NYX for the list of all 20 shades of the NYX Cosmetics Single #Eyeshadows that was sent by Ipsy for the September #GlamBag.
  2. ES32 - PURPLE
  3. ES39A - FANTASY (sold out)
  4. ES46A - NAVY BLUE
  5. ES53A - VELVET SUEDE (sold out)
  7. ES86 - LANIKAI
  10. ES105 ROCK
  11. ES108 GOLDEN POPPY (sold out)
  12. ES112 FAHRENHEIT (sold out)
  13. ES118 NUTMEG [not listed on NYX]
  14. ES122 MOROCCO (sold out)
  15. ES123 BEAUTY QUEEN (sold out)
  16. ES128A PURE GOLD (sold out)
  17. ES141 ASPHALT (sold out)
* Note: ES29 - DEEP CHARCOAL is also listed as ES29 CHARCOAL on some of the shadows.
Images from Ipsy.

I have contacted NYX in regards to why 16 of the 20 shades are not listed on the NYX website. Several people expressed concern that the products were discontinued.

Me: A few people have asked me to verify if these colors were discontinued or if these colors are making a comeback. If discontinued when were these discontinued? A few of my members at MakeupTalk wanted to by Fahrenheit, for example, but it’s not on the NYX site.

NYX Rep: Sure thing! If it’s not available for purchase on the website this item has been completely sold out and will no longer be available for purchase.

Edit: A NYX Rep posted this on Makeuptalk on 9/18/2013:
Hi everyone! We just wanted to stop by and clear up the confusion. None of the products we sent in your Ipsy glam bags are expired in any way. Having just launched in Target, and with so many Ipsy glam bags to fill, some of the shades of eye shadow that were sent are now completely sold out. While they're still not available for purchase on our website, we've gone ahead and added those shades back to the the product page just to clear up any confusion.

If you're not happy with the shade of eye shadow you received, we'll be absolutely swap it out with another one of your choice. Feel free to send us a PM and with the shade you received and which you'd like to swap it out with, and we'll send out a return label to allow you to return your current item and get a new one.

We want you all to be happy with your NYX products in the glam bags (that's why we participate!) so please feel free to contact us directly if you're not 100% satisfied.

As a result, a few of the colors that were removed and were brought back ARE available for sale while some are sold out and not available. Not sure if or when those colors will ever be made available again. The shades that are available for sale as of this update are underlined.


  1. I got Sparkle White which is not online. Isn't it odd that they would send out discontinued colors?

    1. I do. I think NYX should have sent to Ipsy colors that are currently available. The shadows that were sent are not expired but also not available for purchase through ULTA or NYX. I buy my NYX primarily AT ULTA because of the sales - B1G1 50% off and couple it with a $3.50 off $10 coupon or $5 off $10 coupon.

      At the very least NYX SHOULD bring these colors back for a limited run so people can buy the colors that are currently not available.

  2. Maybe it is cheaper for Ipsy to get a product that has been discontinued, however, for subscribers it is disappointing to fall in love with something in your bag and not be able to repurchase it.

    1. I have to agree with you on that. I know a few of the ladies on MUT loved some of the colors they saw and wanted to order only to find out the color is no longer sold. :\ I don't like that this happened because there's no way for anyone - including myself - to get a color we saw someone else have except through a swap. Hopefully in the future, Ipsy will not send members products that can't be purchased.

  3. Hey! First off thank you for looking into this! For me one of my main reasons for subscribing to IPSY is to try out things before I buy them. My bag has been sitting in Georgia since the 12th so i haven't seen the shade in person but I do know that based on the picture in the glam room I will want to buy more. I appreciate what you do and keep up the great work!


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