Ipsy: Freeman Beauty Paper Masks

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Some subscribers of Ipsy were sent Freeman Beauty Paper Masks in their September #GlamBags. I didn't get these masks but my daughters did and my youngest gave me hers in a trade. Since today I have a low-grade fever (my middle girl is sick so guess who is getting sick) I figured now would be a good time to try one of the masks.

Today I tried the Hydrating Paper Mask in Blue Agave. The paper WAS blue but thankfully the color is non-transferable.

I've tried similar masks from 2nd Love Beauty Treats and loved those masks primarily because of the cooling effect those masks had on my skin. When I would have a headache I always develop a low grade fever and found that the Beauty Treats masks always helped cool my skin down and in turn helped alleviate my headache. So needless to say I was hoping this would be the case with the Freeman Beauty Paper Masks but it wasn't the case.

I applied the mask and it did have a slight cooling effect but not as much as I had hoped. Maybe my low-grade fever is too high for the mask to give my skin more of a cooling effect than I had hoped but it did help somewhat. At least I don't feel like my skin is being roasted from the inside out now.

I found that the mask fit me just a wee bit on the small side mainly around the eye area, I guess I have wider set eye than I thought. Around the hair line next to my ears and jaw line the paper didn't quite fit. I had a similar problem with the Beauty Treats one where it ran a little small around the nose and eye area for me. Still it wasn't too bad, I've seen a few pictures of people where the mask didn't fit them at all.

I wore the mask for 10 minutes and found that the residue was kind of sticky until my skin absorbed more of it and the rest dried. I'm not sure if left my skin feeling really hydrated and I still need to apply a moisturizer but it's not too bad.

I'm slightly torn between being disappointed and somewhat satisfied. One one hand the sizing issue is a slight problem and on the other I've had similar masks from other companies not fit properly either. I liked that it did help reduce my fever a bit but disappointed it wasn't as cooling as I had hoped (tossing it into the fridge might help with that).

So would I buy these in the store? If I was at RiteAid or Walgreens and saw these I might since these are like $1.99 each and it's not a budget breaker. Not my most favorite paper mask but I wouldn't turn my nose up at these.

Disclaimer: Obtained via my daughter's Ipsy bag. Referral link to Ipsy.


  1. I prefer the non-paper mask varieties, as they usually seem to have more of an affect. At least it helped a bit though.

  2. The mask didn't fit me either in the eye area.

  3. at least you didn't have the serum get into your eyes. It was not pleasant. I cut the eye holes out further on my next attempt though and it helped.


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