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Thursday, August 15, 2013

I have to admit prior to doing the August Ipsy sneak peeks I hadn't heard of Noya. I first saw Noya in the first Ipsy sneak peek and later saw their lip balms on Birchbox's Facebook wall. so being a curious person, and mostly impatient for the August Ipsy bags, I contacted Noya and they were kind enough to send me all four lip balms for reviewing purposes.

Noya's products are Kosher and all natural however these are not vegan due to the beeswax in it. My first impression of their site was that "oh, they're a Jewish company" so I asked and was told,"Our company started in 2012, but we aren't actually a Jewish company though I can see why you'd think so! We simply make a line of awesome, natural cosmetics that also happen to be kosher. Since most of our ingredients are food-stuff (like EVOO), we thought, why stop at being just natural, simple, safe and super yummy when we can also go kosher :) It's an added-value." So while they're not a Jewish company their products are Kosher!

The other great thing about Noya is that for every balm purchased they'll donate a balm to homeless shelters in the New York City area! Got to love a company that donates to homeless shelters and while some might not think it's much considering that most of us take for granted the simple things I think what Noya does is fantastic!

So there are four flavors to choose from - Vanilla, Cherry, Spearmint and Natural.

Some Ipsy subscribers received the vanilla lip balm and some the cherry lip balm. I actually got the Urban Decay Revolution lipstick while my girls received the Noya balms. (As of this blog post my bag and two of my daughters bags are in transit however our Ipsy Glam Rooms have updated reveiling what we're getting). My middle daughter's bag actually came today and she got cherry which she tried (mine) and like it saying, "I like the cherry. Doesn't taste bad like other cherry stuff." I'm not fond of the cherry myself because it does taste like cherries and I'm not a cherry fan but if you love cherry flavors you'll like the cherry lip balm from Noya.

The vanilla lip balm is described on Noya's site as "a cupcake packed into every balm" and they're right. The vanilla lip balm reminds me of a white or yellow cake. Both the cherry and vanilla balm are very moisturizing as both contain Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Natural flavor, Organic Stevia. The difference between these two are the flavorings.

The natural lip balm contains absolutely no flavorings what so ever and only contains Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Stevia. It should be pretty much identical to the vanilla and cherry however I found it to be a bit less moisturizing, less creamy and buttery than the vanilla and cherry lip balms. It's highly possible that the lack of flavorings contributes to the less creamy, buttery feeling but it's not a real negative for the lip balm.

I know some members of Makeuptalk didn't like the Noya lip balms in cherry or vanilla because they thought it was too slippery or slick so they might like the natural lip balm instead. Out of the four Noya lip balms it's one that can easily be used as a nail balm or to help tame frizzes due to the fact it doesn't contain any flavorings.

Finally, the last one I tried was the spearmint. I really liked this one but not as much as the vanilla one. The spearmint lip balm really reminds me of a freshly brewed cup of mint tea, the mint in it is very strong. I popped the cap off and was hit by how strong the mint in it actually is. The spearmint lip balm to me is the most buttery soft lip balms due to the mint oil extract in it but I do have to warn you because of that mint extract those with sensitive lips may not be able to use this particular lip balm. The spearmint lip balm contains Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Spearmint Oil, Menthol, Organic Stevia.

My lips were tingly the first time I used the spearmint lip balm which didn't really bother me but I do think some might be bothered by it. I later layered the vanilla and spearmint together and loved it. The vanilla cut the spearmint so I didn't have as much of a tingly feeling as I did when I used the spearmint alone. I also tried the natural with spearmint (natural applied first then spearmint) and that also cut the spearmint from being too tingly. I think I'll put the spearmint one away for use during the fall and winter.

I've also layered the vanilla with a lemon lip balm from a different company and loved the flavor and scent when those two were combined (think lemon pound cake). I've been mainly using the vanilla one for over a week now and I really do like the vanilla one the most of all four. Now if they make a strawberry-lemonade one (strawberries and lemon flavored/scented) I'd be all over that and would stock up on it because I'm a sucker for strawberry-lemon flavored anything.

Overall, I like the lip balms from Noya. While cherry isn't my favorite it does live up to their claims but for me hands down the vanilla is my favorite of the four. At $3.99 it may seem a bit steep for a lip balm when compared to Chapstick but unlike Chapstick the Noya lip balms are all natural with no artificial colors.

For Ipsy subscribers there is a 20% off promo code good until September 15, 2013. I think I may take advantage of that promo code and pick up more of the vanilla lip balms to give as stocking stuffers or small gifts to my daughters' friends.

Disclaimer: Press sample.


  1. Great review! I received the vanilla lip balm in my ipsy bag and was shocked at how well it worked. I've been having a hard time with very dry, dehydrated, cracked lips. Most other products just don't seem to work, but this did. I wanted to place an order and stock up using my ipsy code, but wasn't sure which ones to get. I was worried the other may not be as moisturizing as the vanilla. You really helped me out. Thanks so much! xoxo Olivyah


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