Fortune Cookie Soap: Summer Box

Saturday, June 08, 2013

It's here! It's here! My Fortune Cookie Soap Summer Box is here! It came yesterday afternoon and I very happy that it came!

I don't remember why I didn't blog about the Spring Box and at this point in time I won't because I've used up the items or gave the items away to my daughters. The Summer Box I HAVE to share with you because I really am enjoying this quarter's box!

"Once in a Melon" Fortune Cookie Soap

The card describes this soap as "watermelon Jolly Rancher" and it does smell just like that. My youngest daughter has claimed this for her own. LOL
"I Scream, You Scream" Sugar Scrub

Described as a "creamy vanilla, sweet strawberries & chocolate ganache" all I can think is that the chocolate strawberries overpowers the rest and so it's sickeningly sweet to me in the container. The scent on my skin isn't as overpowering but it does have a strong chocolate strawberries scent that as it wears off is really nice. Basically don't smell the stuff while in the jar. LOL
"Body Shot" Don't Be Jelly

Mine came melted. :( Smells REALLY good though but after sticking it over my AC vent (the house was in "deep freeze" mode with the AC cranked up) it firmed right back up nicely. The scent is raspberry lemonade and it most certainly does smell just like that. I'm holding off on using this to see if they use real raspberry extracts since I'm allergic to raspberries.

Edit: Not made with real raspberries so I'm so using this tomorrow morning.
"Aquaholic" Sea Salt Hair Spritz

This one is described as a "light pina colada scent" and it smells so good. Nothing like a good pina colada!
"Mother Pucker" Shower Steamer

This one I'm not sure if I like or dislike. If you're a shower person like me you can appreciate having something to toss onto the floor. I love how bath bombs smell but I'm so not a bath person so yay for this! There is no description of the scent on this card but to me it smells as SUN laundry detergent which has a lemon scent and that's why I'm not sure if I like it or not. LOL On one hand like the scent because it reminds me of SUN laundry detergent but on the other hand I don't like it because it smells like SUN laundry detergent! I'm so picky and indecisive! LOL

Edit: Ok, I tried it and I liked it. Smells like crushed lemon drops in the shower. Downside the sample didn't last my entire shower because I stepped on it. :(
"What? It's Five O'Clock Somewhere!" Whipped Cream

Another pina colada scented product, this is smells really good to me. The description on the card mentions a "colorful umbrella" and included in the box... a colorful paper umbrella like the kind you stick in a pina colada! LOL Too cute!
"Do You Salsa or Mango?" OCD Hand Sanitizer

Ok, this I'm on the fence on as well because on one hand it DOES smell good but on the other it has a strong alcohol scent. I wouldn't expect any less of a hand sanitizer but the alcohol scent is very strong for me. Once the alcohol evaporates all I can smell is the hint of mangos, lime and something spicy like one of those Mexican salt candies.

Edit: Ok, my middle daughter wants to keep this one since she's almost out of "Dirty Hoe" (from the Spring Box).
"...Where The Sun Don't Shine" Solid Sunscreen Block

Might help if I read the card FIRST when I tried this because I thought it was lip balm! LOL Oops. It's actually a sunscreen block in a stick! This has a fruity banana scent, kind of like one of those banana baby foods or that one fruity bubble gum with the zebra.

Overall I'm REALLY happy with this quarter's box. While a couple of items I'm not really crazy over the scents I WILL be using everything in this box. I might purchase the OCD for my middle girl since she liked "Dirty Hoe" from the Spring box and liked this one. I'll probably have to buy another (or two) "One in a Melon" because my youngest daughter has claimed this one for her own. I'm packing a few of the items into my suitcase for my trip on Monday. Going with me - the sugar scrub, whipped cream, sunscreen block, hair spritz and sanitizer... I guess basically everything but the jelly shot, the cookie soap (daughter claimed it as her own... unless I pack it before she swipes it) and the shower steamer (going to use it in the morning).

Price: $19.99
Limited-edition. Once the quarter's box is sold out that's it, no more boxes. These items will be sold on Fortune Cookie Soap website I think on the 15th. The Fall Box is currently being sold but I'm not sure when the cut off date for it will be.

(Edit: Ok, changed my mind on the Sugar Scrub and Shower Steamer. In the container the scent is VERY strong but on my skin it is really nice! Tip from one of the MakeupTalk members: Use it before you shave your legs because the sugar melts on your skin leaving it nice and slick perfect for shaving! As for the Shower Steamer... smells like lemon drops... just don't step on it like I did. LOL)

Disclaimer: Purchase by me for my own personal use.


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