Business cards vs social networking cards: Which is better for you?

Sunday, June 23, 2013

On MakeupTalk there has been an ongoing conversation in the blogger's group on business cards and social networking cards. If you're more of a serious blogger you need to have one or both types of cards however you may not need both right away. Here's my thoughts on the matter.

If you're just starting out and you're not going to trade shows or events then you're probably not going to need a business card and so for you a social network card would probably be better. If you're going to trade shows or events then you'll probably want to have a business card instead. I found having both is better because business cards typically have personal information such as address and/or phone numbers on it so obviously you're not going to want to give that out to just anyone.

So what's the difference? Basically just the information you'll have on the card.

The Business Card

The business card should contain your real name, blog name, url and if you're comfortable either your mailing address and/or phone number. These cards should be given out ONLY to PR people or owners of companies or anyone you want to have that personal information. At my first IMATS I only had my MUT business cards which contain my name, MUT name, my position, the url to the site and my work email address and I had people asking me for my personal blog info and even address to ship me stuff for reviewing purposes. Of course I ended up having to write things down on the back of my business card which was tacky.

Here's an example of what I would suggest your business card should contain.

{need new image here}

The Social Network card

The social network card you can give out to potential readers and fellow bloggers. At IMATS (2013) and CPNA (2012) I found myself trading my social network cards with hundreds of people. On this card you want to keep it simple with ONLY your blog information after all you don't want a complete stranger to have your mailing address or phone number!

{need a new image here}

Vistaprint: 500 for $15 (price will vary) - for social networking card
Moo: 200 - $70 for high quality business cards

Here's what my proposed new social network cards will look like:

I like keeping my cards simple without so much clutter. I'm thinking of having my cards printed at Vistaprint because even though it's a front and back card it's still under $25 for 500 cards versus $70 for 200 on Moo. The thing is I love Moo's quality so for my business cards that will go to PRs or company owners I'd go with getting the cards printed at Moo unless I get a different card stock from Vista Print.

So do you need social networking cards or business cards? That really depends on what kind of a blogger you are, if you go to trade shows or even if you want to network with local people in your area. If you're starting out you might not need it but you know what it's always good to have social networking cards on hand. How it looks depends on if you go with a generic layout from a business card template or if you make your own. Like I mentioned before I like mine simple but that's just my preference.

Personally, I like adding a QR code to my cards because if I'm running out of cards I keep one on hand and since most people have smart phones with QR readers on it sometimes it's just easier to get them to snap the QR code to view my site. Plus another thing about QR codes you can create a QR code that goes to a special page just for people visiting your site from your business/social network cards so you can keep track of people.

So which is better for you? That depends on you. Personally I have both and use both at trade shows and events. I even hand out my social network cards to people at my local ULTA, Sephora and Sally's Beauty if I end up chatting with someone about something and my blog or Facebook site comes up.

Last updated January 3, 2014.


  1. I'd never though about having two cards. That makes so much sense.

  2. I have three occupations, so for me, it would make sense to have one for each. (My boring day job, my super fun side job and my blog) I just need to find myself in a social situation that requires any of them! I love QR codes and use them on everything - so that is something I would definitely add to mine!

  3. According to me still business cards worth more than any other form of networking.Not every market is run with the help of computers.There are so many parts of business where physical meetings are done and that needs a business cards for further interaction like in real state business,real estate visiting cards are strictly needed.


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