Swapping? Is it for you?

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Well it's that time of the month again when subscription services are sending out their May bags and boxes of goodies to members. Most of the time you'll love the items you received, sometimes you won't and sometimes you already have it and don't want a 10th bottle of macadamia or argan oil! LOL


Swap it with someone on Makeuptalk.com! There are many swap groups on Facebook and on other sites like MakeupAlley however the classified section on MakeupTalk is set up to protect you as best as possible when it comes to swapping with someone. Of course no site can guarantee that a swap won't go bad however at MUT we have a few rules put into place to lower the chance of a swaplift occurring. There is the feedback score AND the two main requirements set in place:

  • Must have 15 regular forums posts.
  • Must be a member of Makeup Talk for at least 5 days.
If you do a swap with a person there are certain steps you want to do to protect yourself and the person you're swapping with.
  1. Don't trade expensive items. You need to either establish a "history" with them OR (as in the case of MakeupTalk) trade with someone with an established positive trading history.
  2. Take pictures. LOTS of pictures of what you're sending, how it's wrapped and anything should the other person try to scam you and claim you sent them the wrong things or it was counterfeit. (I've seen that happen and have banned a counterfeiter from MUT for it.)
  3. Don't swap things that you'll lose money on in the event it gets lost or broken while in transit. For example, say you swap with someone an Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette - retails for $50 new - let's say it shatters on the way to the person you're swapping with. Both parties are going to have to chalk it up to a loss and depending on the arrangements you made with the person either you as the previous owner of it may have to return the items from the other person OR the person who received it will have to chalk it up to a loss.
  4. Bubble wrap, bubble wrap, bubble wrap. EVERYTHING should be bubble wrapped. What those who trade nail polishes do is place each bottle in a snack bag or larger size plastic bag then bubble wrap each item to prevent spillage and breakage. If you're sending some type of liquid TAPE the top to prevent it from spilling then place it in a baggie to prevent it from damaging other items if you're sending more than just that.
  5. ALWAYS use tracking and have the other person use tracking. There is NO excuse not to, not even cost, because you can use Paypal to ship First Class and Paypal provides tracking #s even on first class. I typically pay as little as $1.52 for shipping with tracking via Paypal.
  6. If the items are of higher value GET INSURANCE on your package. Remember that UD palette I mentioned above? If you put insurance on the package should the package become lost in transit OR arrive damaged you can file a claim.  Remember those pictures I told you about before? This is why you need to take pictures because if it's lost, stolen or damaged the USPS will want proof. Insurance is something like $1.20 and up.


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