RIP Amunet Baby

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

My beloved Baby was accidentally killed this morning. My heart is aching for her. I watched her as she was born and took first breaths and I watched her as she died taking her last.

Baby as I call her is my Athena's last born kitten. She was born July 28, 2010. When Baby was born I immediately began to bath train her so she would be use to taking baths as she was older. She is a long fur Japanese Bobtail - Mainecoon mix. She looks exactly like her father Sunday in her coloring and her fur length, he was some type of Mainecoon-Bobtail mix since he has a crooked half-tail. Her mother was a pure white Japanese Bobtail as is her uncle so they have these stubby little wanna-be tails. My middle daughter calls her "Stubs" because it's just a bone nub with lots long fur.

Because of her fur length, her little stubby tail and the way she runs around we also call her Cabbit. Cabbits are cat-rabbits. I annoy her constantly by picking her up and touching her tail so she would flick it back and forth like a rabbit. Oh how do I love to play with her tail, she hates it, I love it. When runs around she doesn't always run like a normal cat but hop-run like a rabbit. From time to time she could get into the rabbits' cages.

I call canned cat food "Baby Food" because when she was a kitten, after Athena weaned her, I fed her canned cat food. She was the only one. When Ginger came into my life I continued to feed only her and Ginger "Baby Food". Ginger is my daughter, Baby is my baby.

She is a little cat. The runt of the litter. I thought she was going to be blind because her siblings, who all went to different homes, were opening her eyes she couldn't and didn't for an extra week. She was tiny and always remained tiny. Another reason I didn't want her outside. She's the same size as my mini-Rex rabbits. She's that little.

Baby is a grouchy cat at times. She loves being outside, I hate her outside. I fear every time I see she get out that one of the idiot neighbors would kill her or the FedEx or UPS guy would kill her since they always take the corner in front of my house way too fast. I would always yell at the kids to, "CLOSE THE FRONT DOOR DON'T LET HER OUT!" every day when they would go to school and when they came home from school. I would yell at the kids to make sure the screen door was closed so there was one more barrier between her and the outside. If she sees someone walk towards the toward and she'll follow waiting to slip past someone's legs to go outside. I hate that. I keep threatening her with an electric shock collar so any time she goes near that door it'll shock her. I still need to get that for Hermes, I don't want him outside either. When ever she tries that stunt with me I'd grab her by the scruff of her neck and toss her on the sofa or put her upstairs. A few times she managed to get by me because Xena would get in the way and I'd have to deal with the dog than with her. Stupid dog.

My fears came true this morning.

I was sending my eldest to the store to pick up rabbit food and cat food when I heard my daughter back the truck up. All of a sudden I heard shrill screaming and looked out the window. My heart sank because I thought she hit one of the neighbor's children or one of her siblings. I looked down and saw my Baby twitching in the driveway dying. I ran down the stairs and to the door where I could see it was Baby. I feel to the ground wailing and screaming. My husband came and had to pull me inside the house because all I was doing was screaming and wailing for my Baby. I saw her die. I saw her take last breaths. He immediately buried her next to her mother on the side of our house. I never go to that side of the house because I know Athena, Penguin Jr and Shudders are buried there. Now my beloved Baby is there. It's more my fault than my daughter's fault because I sent her to the store. I could have waited until later this afternoon. I should have had the screen door fix so it would automatically close instead of waiting for someone to close it. I should have caged her or kept her upstairs. I should have bought that electric shock collar like I've been threatening her with for months. It's my fault because I should have made her fear being outside like the other cats.

I want my Baby back. I want her sleeping at my feet as I'm on the computer. I want her to attack my toes if I move my feet ever so slightly. I want her to run and jump into my lap as I tap the top of a can of Baby Food. I want her to get annoyed with me as I play with her tiny little bobtail making the long fur twitch back and forth. I want to see her waiting for me by the bathroom door. I want her company while I'm showering because she'd follow me into the bathroom and sit on the bench as I showered. I want her to be annoyed with me as I shave her long fur because she would get a mat in it so the only thing I could do is shave her. She hated that but every six months I'd cut her fur short except her fur around her hair so she would look like a little boy lion despite being a girl. The kids laugh and say they probably think Baby is the laughing stock of the neighborhood cats because of how I cut her fur. Almost like a poodle. LOL She has very soft fur.

She can't be gone. I refuse to believe she's dead. I think it was her father Sunday who died not her. They look alike - same fur color, same stripes, same long fur. Baby is outside playing in the bushes, stalking the little quail that are nesting in our yard. She's outside ignoring my calls to come inside like she always does. She'll be back this evening waiting on the steps for me to pick her up and bring her back inside. I refuse to believe she's gone. I want to believe she's just outside playing. I want my cat.


  1. I am so so sorry. I wish I could say something to make you feel better but I know I can't. I also lost my cat to a car. It's terrible.

  2. I lost my cat a few years back and still miss her terribly. Reading your blog post I couldn't stop the tears. My heart aches for you and your loss. I am so very sorry. I can only hope that your memories bring you some comfort. Baby is sleeping with the angels now. :'(

  3. I'm so sorry to hear about your Baby,I hope your heart is starting to heal and you are feeling a little better. I understand how hard it is to lose a pet,especially to tragic accident and especially when they are more than just "pets".

    Don't blame yourself,it was an accident you had no control over and I am sure your sweet Baby would not want to see you beating yourself up over her loss. Accidents happen no matter how vigilant we are to try to protect our pets.

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  5. So sorry for your loss. I hope you and your daughter find peace. Baby had you with her from her first breath to her last and she was loved every second in between. I hope you find comfort in that.


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