My thoughts: Lilly's Lashes

Saturday, March 09, 2013

Well I ordered three pairs and I don't suggest ordering from them until they fix their shipping issues. So what's the issue? Cheap mailing envelops in which crushed packaging/lashes come in.

I ordered Cairo, Istanbul and Tehran for $6.99 each and paid $5.99 in shipping. I don't mind paying shipping so long as the rate is reasonable and the items I ordered don't arrive damaged. In this case the shipping packaging was cheap and the lashes boxes came crushed.

So the lashes arrived in a white mailing envelope intended for papers. If it was a bubble mailer the lashes probably would be fine but it wasn't a bubble mailer at all and as a result the packaging came crushed.

On top of that it came via First Class mail and postage was paid for via Paypal's merchant shipping which means it was VERY INEXPENSIVE to ship. Looking it up a 3 oz package from them to me was only $1.32 at most. If you factor in the value of the envelope at most it was $1.60... and I paid $5.99 for shipping.

The bottoms of the packaging were open as in the pic while at the top those were starting to open. This only happens when packaging is crushed.

As for the lashes itself, those look fine but my big beef about it is that I feel absolutely ripped off with the shipping since I essentially paid over $4 more for shipping. To me they either should have used a bubble mailer, used a box OR used a free Priority Shipping box and ship via Priority to justify the $5.99 cost. In my head if they get 100 orders of three pairs or less and are shipping in this exact manner they're going to make over $400 in profit! If they ship 1000 orders like mine then it's a $4,000 profit. I don't fault them for wanting to make a profit but NOT when it means the product packaging arrives damaged. And no, I'm not saying they're TRYING to rip people off only that is how I feel when I saw the cheap mailing envelope. If it came in a bubble mailer I wouldn't have thought anything of it since Ipsy uses a bubble mailer instead of fancy packaging.

BTW - the lashes themselves are nice looking but these are definitely just repackaged for them. These are possibly Red Cherry lashes but I'm not entirely sure (Red Cherry are between $2 to $3 each retail). It's also possible these are just generic made in China but there is no point of origin on the packaging. Still I pay as much for Katy Perry's lashes from Eylure and more for from other companies).

Cairo = 605 Black
Istanbul = 523 Black
Tehran = D Wispy

Edit: Ok, so after venting here on my blog I DID email them about it because the shipping thing really bugged me. They apologized about it which to me marks a GOOD company is if they apologize and if they apologize in a timely manner. In Lilly's case they did with both - it came shortly after I emailed them and I was offered a replacement for the crushed lashes. 

So would I re-purchase? At this time no, not until I know they fixed the way items are shipped out. I don't expect a fancy custom designed shipping box but I do expect it to come undamaged and that's what irked me the most. While I appreciate that they will replace the lashes I really do believe that had a proper shipping box or padded envelope was used you would have seen a completely different blog post because the items would have arrived intact and undamaged.

I forgot to mention that these were shipped pretty quickly from the time I ordered to when it shipped to when I actually got the lashes so that's a plus for me. Nothing more I hate than two to three weeks waiting for something after I ordered it because it's on a pony cart some place. LOL


  1. What a shame. What if they were a gift to your friends or bridesmaids? That's a shame and tacky.

    1. Exactly how I feel. The thought that came in my head was that it felt cheap and tacky because of how it was mailed. In her case, I thought she would have had special mailers made as well as packaging - something akin to how Beauty Army's has a special shipping box as do My Cotton Bunny, Birchbox, etc. Maybe I'm just too spoiled by specialized shipping from companies and anything else seems tacky. Then again, products should never come crushed.

      I did email them about it and they apologized and offered to resend the lashes which is nice but it could have EASILY been avoided if a proper shipping box or bubble mailer was used instead. Hope they learn a lesson on that and get the shipping right since the lashes are cute.

      I wonder who the manufacturer for the lashes are though.


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