Possible upcoming products in future Ipsy bags

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Warning the following post contains screenshots from Michelle Phan's Follow Me To Work Day video. She posted the video back in November and since then I and members of Makeup Talk have made comments about the products shown in the video back in late November through December. I think most of us forgot about the video containing spoilers and if it weren't for one of my members bringing the video up again to discuss March's items... Well she's the reason for this post because she's right that one of the items in the video are definately coming in March and many others we have already received in the December, January and February bags with other items not yet seen in any bags. If you don't want to be spoiled don't click the link below.

Shown at 1:43 are two Z Palettes - one mini and one large - along with single shadows, blushes and bronzers possibly from Coastal Scents. The tops of Sexy Hair along with some Pacifica can be seen in this screenshot as well. As most will note, subscribers received the Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange body butter and the Big Sexy Spray & Play Volumizing Hairspray in January 2013 Ipsy bag. We have yet to see the other products shown. Note: According to Facebook, Ipsy states it's NOT a Zpalette but rather a mirrored palette. Hmm.. NOW I'm absolutely curious since if it's not a Zpalette then what is it? It's a makeup palette for sure but not a Zpalette. Maybe one from Mirabella then? (Edit 3/1/2013: I forgot to update this blog post but while members are not getting a Zpalette in the March Ipsy bag members are getting a magnetic palette from Glam RX. So while a palette was shown in the video what is coming in March is a palette from a different company.)
Shown at 2:18 is a better shot of the Z Palettes along with Michelle trying the Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil which ended up coming in the January 2013 Ipsy bag. More of the single shadows which we know will be coming in the March 2013 Ipsy Bag. Still not known when or if the blushes and bronzers will be making an appearance but I do know many people have been clamoring for a real blush and bronzer. Also seen in that screenshot are theBalm's Meet Matt(e) palette and NYX Cosmetics Loose Pearl Eyeshadows and the December 2012 Ipsy bag.
At 2:22 we get a better look at the December 2012 bag, Sexy Hair products, Be A Bombshell blushes, Pop Beauty Lash Kapow mascara that came in the February 2013 bag, the NYX shadows, Nailtini which came again in the January 2013 bag, Josie Maran, Pacific and in the plastic bag next to Michelle are MicaBeauty products - one of which is the gel eyeliner subscribers received in February 2013. I see in the plastic bag MicaBeauty shadows and possibly blush (the larger containers) but that I'm not sure on but definitely MicaBeauty shadows were in that bag. At 2:25 she's testing Mai Couture Highlighter Papier that ended up in the December 2012 bag. 2:28 she is smelling Pacifica Perfumes roller ball perfume which we have yet to see in our Ipsy bags... maybe for March or April? (BTW - you can see a picture of me several times in this video. I still hate the group picture since I was trying hard not to laugh and ended up with a weird expression. LOL Oh well, what can be done? LOL)
At 3:33 behind Nicole you can see a bin of pink bags with a girl on the bag. Possibly future Ipsy bag? Maybe a prototype for one we'll never get? Guess we'll just have to wait an see. ;) I alluded to on my Facebook wall and on Makeup Talk about how one company will be working with Ipsy and we'll be getting more products from them. I won't say who the company is but here are a few more screenshots from Michelle's video. ;)
Urban Decay's Naked Skin BB cream was sent to select members in December, Be A Bombshell lipgloss was also sent out in December along with the Urban Decay eyeliner. The Urban Decay travel primer was sent out in the first MyGlam bag in December 2011
Mirabella's Prime for Face & Eyes is seen in the screenshot above and we ended up with that in our December 2012 bags. The item I can't identify is the black box with red lettering behind the NYX shadows. What ever that is we haven't seen that in our Ipsy bags yet either.

That's pretty much it. So over the next few weeks and months we'll see how it plays out. Can't WAIT for my Ipsy bags because everything looks really good!


  1. Do you think this could be the final item? http://www.ipsy.com/product/p-h6gk8ktn2wr41o6c/

    It doesn't have a date for when it was posted, but it's really close to the secret theme.

    1. That particular collection was from 2011 or 2012 and was a limited edition collection. I doubt we'll be getting that.


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