Ipsy: March 2013 sneak peek

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Warning below are a few sneak peeks to the March 2013 Ipsy bag. The official theme has not been announced yet but it's most likely a Nautical one due to the bag.

"Time to get away? What do you think our March Glam Bag theme is?"
Makeup Sets - Officially announced February 27, 2013

These images were found by a member of MakeupTalk and the links to these images were shared in the March 2013 Ipsy discussion thread. Typically there are about five items in a bag each month, sometimes only four and sometimes six. At this time only two products have been found but as soon as more pop up I'll post it here.

"Eye shadows so gorgeous you'll plan a getaway just to wear them."
Eyeshadow - brand unknown at this time, possibly Coastal Scents
Note: On 3/1/2013 Ipsy posted it's NOT Coastal Scents.
3/6/2013: A MUT member confirmed it's Yaby after contacting them.

"Travel to your dream destination in style with this clever travel must-have."
Makeup palette - ZPalette Strike that, going back to unknown palette
Ok, it's now officially official - Glam RX Mini Freestyle palette

Big thanks to the members of MakeupTalk whom once again are fantastic detectives and found these images so far.

Edit: Officially we don't know the brands yet however we're guessing it's a 1 inch Coastal Scents shadows since we're seeing only one pan in the plastic case and possibly the large red Zpalette but again at this time we just don't know for sure. More info coming as soon as either I or the members of MUT find more info.

Edit #2: I believe we have confirmation in Michelle's video "Follow Me To Work Day" posted back in November. One of my eagle eyed members at Makeup Talk realized it. Pause it at 1:43-ish or 2:18. (Hopefully down the road we get the Pacifica perfumes since I'm now obsessed with their Tuscan Blood Orange lotion.)

Edit #3: It's official, it's the Z Palette. It's officially NOT a Zpalette... unless they're trying to trick us... lol. Ipsy posted on Facebook it's NOT a ZPalette but rather a mirrored palette. Maybe by Mirabella then?

Edit #4: Ok, so I'm crushed if it's not the ZPalette after all... crushed hopes and dreams... guess I'll have to wait for PHAME then. LOL But pictures of items #3 & 4 (spoilers #4 & #5) have made their way to Makeup Talk's forums. Like always keep in mind that we won't know for sure until more info comes out.

Toners & Astringents - "In the sky, or on land, hydration has never been so fun or so easy!"

Face Treatmenets - "Freshen up with ease with these on-the-go towelettes!"

Edit #5: Geeze, the ladies on MUT are fast. It's being reported that the wipes are LA Fresh travel wipes.

Edit #6: Mystery solved! Ipsy officially released what it is via email. It's the Glam RX Mini Freestyle Palette. Still working on the other items. LOL Members can't figure out the toner/astringent but the guesses are between Murad, Juice Beauty and a few other items. LOL

Edit #7: Here's the pic of the palette from their email to Ipsy members who are not Ipsy bag subscribers.

Edit #8 (3/6): No more spoiler pics. Ipsy announced on their Facebook wall a day or two ago that there were no more spoilers. One of the members on Makeup Talk was then wondering if Spoiler #1 wasn't just a bag since it's listed on the Ipsy site as Makeup Sets. Past months have never really included the bag as part of the sneak peek so it's POSSIBLE that we're not just getting a makeup bag but rather a couple like a set as it's listed.

One thing is for sure, they at Ipsy made it REALLY hard to guess and figure things out this month which made this basically like a big ol' scavenger hunt. It's been really fun trying to figure things out even though it's also been really frustrating. LOL Basically we'll know for sure within the next few days since it's already March 6 and bags typically start going out around the 10th and members start posting their bags around that time.

Ok, it's been confirmed by Yaby that they will be in the March Ipsy bags. One of the members at Makeup Talk posted this:

Sharp eyes!! Yaby has two eyeshadows I. This month's glam bag. Keep an eye on the ipsy page and site, as we have some very cute items you can win with your videos!


  1. The make up pallette is called z makeup pallette lol

    1. That's what I posted over on MUT before my blog post. I do know from a friend who owns a cosmetic company that Zpalettes have a patent which is why no one can make a palette just like that one. Until we get more hints or clues it's not certain it is a Zpalette as it could have wells for the pans. We just have to wait an see.

  2. The make up pallette is called z makeup pallette lol

  3. oh man, this is perfect! I was just thinking of getting a palette like that. I've got some eyeshadow pans that need a home!

  4. So it looks like blush, bronzer and eye shadow. Can you hazard a guess from which company?

    1. Possibly Coastal Scents due to the packaging. When or if we get the items that I don't know. I do know the single shadows are coming this month, blushes... still no idea.

  5. I was thinking the pink and orangy colours look like blush and bronzer...they could be eye shadow but they're bigger than the little shadow pots.

  6. I was looking at another blog, and the picture of the toner/astringent thing looks a lot like Juice Beauty hydrating mist... can't wait to know for sure!!

  7. The eyeshadows and blushes look just like the Glam RX blushes and eyeshadows.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. Do you think they will have a 5th item in the bag?

    1. At this time I'm not sure. I'm hoping so but there has been at least one time where we only got four items. Needless to say, we're still snooping! LOL

  10. I saw someone post on Ipsy's facebook that the single eye shadows were from the brand called Yaby.

  11. Yaby is confirmed?! Awesome! I'm stoked about trying them but I hope they give us a free ship deal :/ man, I looked at them today and that was a bit silly but I love all the swatches I've seen... One can only hope! I really want to know what is up with the bag though :/


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