5ekz Ultra Conditioning Brush Soap

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Koren's new brush soaps were available at IMATS LA 2013 and so I picked one up Friday and then four more on Sunday. I've been using Mona Lisa's Pink Soap for a year or two now after a recommendation from someone on Beautylish. I love Mona Lisa's Pink Soap and have suggested it to other people as well however MLPS is not travel friendly because it's a liquid but 5ekz Ultra Conditioning Brush Soap on the other hands is totally travel friendly!

Using it is really easy, simply wet the brush and use the soap side to wash and the loofah side to scrub the brush without having to use your fingers.
Directions: Wet your dirty brush and simply lather on one side of the soap using a back-and-forth sweeping motion, then use the loofah side to deep-clean and loosen makeup residue. Rinse, reshape the bristles, and dry the brushes flat.

Gardenia scent

I've used this soap a couple of times already (at IMATS and earlier today) and it works fantastic. Even though Mona Lisa's Pink Soap does a really good job at removing makeup from the brushes I have to say that 5ekz soap works just as well. As I brushed it back and forth on the soap I could see the dirt and makeup residue come off the brush and as I rinsed off the brush under warm water even more grime rinsed away. Over all I'm impressed by the brush soap.

The smell of Gardenia is so nice but I'm a sucker for Gardenia in the first place so I'm bias on that scent. I also picked up Lemon, Cantaloupe, Lavender and English Rose. The other scents available are Patchouli, Apricot Freesia, Ylang Ylang, Tangerine, Mango, Pomegranate and an Unscented soap which are sold for $6 a bar on his site but are currently on sale for $4.50.

Now a warning. While you are rinsing the soap off the potential for residual oil to remain on the brush is still there so you do need to be careful if you are allergic to almonds or any of the other ingredients. As someone who is allergic to raspberries I'm finding myself having to look at ingredients in products I've never tried because I encountered a shadow that had raspberries in it so I always want people to be aware to read the ingredient of any product they've never used as precaution.

Brush Soap Ingredients: Coconut Oil, Palm Oil, Safflower Oil, Gylcerine, Purified water, Sodium Hydroxide, Sorbitol, Sorbitan oleate, Soy bean protein, Argan Oil, Avocado Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Loofah.

May contain (+/-): fragrance oil, essential oil, titanium dioxide, iron oxides, polyester-3, FD&C & D&C colorants.

Koren will be at The Makeup Show and at PHAMExpo so if you want to check these up or pick these up then definitely check him out.

FTC Disclaimer: Purchased by me at IMATS.


  1. I instantly purchased two bars. I HATE washing my brushes, which I know is totally bad, but this looks like it will make it so easy. I hate rubbing soap into my brushes, so I'm loving the idea of the loofa side. Can't wait to test them and I love that there's a ton of scent options.


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