Fortune Cookie Soap: My Winter Box

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

First, MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone! Hope you're doing well!

My box actually came a couple of weeks ago (on or around December 10) however I've been working off my cell phone camera since my Kodak went belly up last month so doing posts have been more of a pain than normal. Hubby surprised me with a brand new camera today so I'll be playing catch up with my blog posts! :D

The winter box theme is the GRINCH! Everything inside has a cute Grinch related name.

  1. Hydrate Me! Goody Goody Gum Drop (3 drops) - the full size (2 oz) retails for $7.99 and are limited edition items. Both the color and scent of these remind me of Fruit Stripes which had a zebra on the packaging. I do like these but my daughters like it more. lol
  2. Holiday Cheermeister Fortune Cookie Soap. I'm never going to use this because it smells so good and it's so cute! LOL At $3.69 each I should order a couple more. It has this cute little carrot soap and while the site states it smells like carrot cake to me and my daughters it smells more like gingerbread. The fortune inside mine says, "wasting time is an important part of living."

  3. Whipped Cream "Pinch of Grinch" (green cream) is their body butter but it's not like any other body butter I've ever tried and like the name implies it has a whipped cream consistency. I did try this and found it let my skin feeling silky and while I like the sensation to me it feels like there's a slight oil residue from the essential oil of Lime and Mandarin Orange which some people might not like. Full size is 5 oz and retails for $10.99

  4. Naughty/Nice Bath Fizzy looks like lumps of coal to me and it's just so cute! I wish I took bathes however I'm a shower girl so I'll never get any use of this. Pity because it's so cute! I think I should get a few of these for my daughters to give as gifts to their friends when they go back to school in the New Year since it's only $6.50 for a set.

  5. Dear Santa, I Can Explain... Personal Space, I like this despite not really liking evergreen fragrances. At $9.99 for a 4 oz bottle I might pick one up for a friend who loves the scent of evergreen.

  6. Whobilation OCD - I don't care for the scent since I'm not a cherry fan but I'll keep it in my purse. For those interested it's $2.89 a bottle.

  7. Cheer Monger Body Wash - I'm on the fence with this, I just don't know if I like the scent or not because it's VERY strong. LOL The full size is 6 oz and retails for $9.99.

  8. Cindy Lou Who Roll on perfume - At first I was on the fence with this but I do like it since it doesn't trigger one of my migraines.The full size is 0.45 oz and retails for $8 but I don't think I'll be buying this.

  9. Candy Cane (not pictured since I ate it)

  10. $10 gift code to use on a future purchase (not pictured)
I absolutely LOVED everything inside the box. I think out of all the products in the box I probably will purchase two or three items of the eight samples sent.

The FCS box is a subscription box which is similar to Starlooks but like TestTube comes out only once a quarter (every three months). The FCS boxes are $19.99 a quarter and contain 8-10 exclusive FCS products in adorable mini-sizes. You will also receive a $10 FCS gift code with each Soap Box that can be redeemed online and the price includes shipping!

Here is the 2012-2013 schedule as of December 25, 2012.
  1. Subscribe between November 15th and February 14 to get the Spring 2013 Box which ships March 4, 2013.
  2. Subscribe between Feb. 15th and May 14 to get the Summer 2013 Box which ships June 3, 2013.
  3. Subscribe between May 15th and August 14 to get the Fall 2013 Box which ships September 2, 2013.
  4. Subscribe between August 15th and ??? to get the Winter 2013 Box.
So did you get your Grinch Theme box from Fortune Cookies Soap or are you considering getting on for Spring?


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