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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

This month I'll be discussing my bag differently than I have previously did about my December and January bags. I also want to announce that I am now a MyGlam Ambassador HOWEVER this does NOT mean I won't give you my opinion on something I get or stop with the sneak peeks - I have my own readers to think about first and foremost than anyone else (well except my family and personal friends but that's a moot point). I'm not paid by MyGlam and I'm not given free products to try, I still pay for my monthly subscription and get my bag at the roughly the same time as most other people.

Ok, since I already blogged about the February bag in my sneak peek post I won't go into more detail on the products so if you want more information on the products I have it in my previous post.

As usual the MyGlam bag was once again shipped out in a bubble mailer. The previous two mailers were light pink while this month it was hot pink. To be honest the color is too similar to Birchbox hot pink. If I recall correct the December bag was shipped via while last month through the UPS Mail Innovations as was this month's bag. Like my previous bags nothing inside was damaged during shipping however I am aware of numerous people whose items were damaged during shipping.

Personally, I'm not a fan of bubble mailers because with those types of mailers the chance for items to come damaged or outright broken is greater than if packed in a box. If items were to be mailed in a bubble mailer then I think the items should not be fragile or breakable. Yes there's the chance items inside a box will also break but if packed correctly then that chance diminishes.

My bag was the hot pink bag with black little hearts and I thought this month's bag was absolutely cute. I liked this bag over the previous months bags to be honest and I'm not a hot pink fan at all. Knowing this was a cute bag I did allow my eldest daughter to subscribe in January so she got her bag today (we still haven't opened it yet) however she unsubscribed once she received her tracking to go back to Birchbox due to Birchbox teaming up with Teen Vogue in March. All three of my daughters are now with Birchbox for that Teen Vogue box.

I'm giving my actual bag to my youngest daughter since I already know she's going to be "borrowing" (and never returning it) anyways. *lol* My middle daughter hates pink, absolutely loathes it (which is ironic since her class color for the next four years is pink *lol*) so she's not sorry that she didn't get a bag this month.

So this month's card featured Jessica Harlow. I have to admit she's very pretty. I absolutely love her long hair. It's a cute picture. She did post on her Facebook wall the full size picture from that photo shoot so take a look.

On the back of the card the products are once again listed but this month no prices are listed with the exception of the NuMe "gift certificate" (more on that in a bit).

So I got the X Out Shine Control, the NYX Roll On Shimmer in Mauve Pink, two small sachets of the Premier Dead Sea Cinderella Mask (which is actually called Instant Stretching and Revitalizing [Lifting] Mask) and the eye cream mask also by Dead Sea Premier. Also in the bag was a Freeman Beauty mask sachet in Goji berry which I've used in the past and like to use after a clay mask or when my skin is feeling dry. Lastly the NuMe $100 "gift certificate". Oh and I almost forgot, Ghirardelli goodness in the form of two pieces of chocolate - milk and dark chocolate. YUM to chocolate especially Ghirardelli chocolate.

I plan on giving my middle daughter the X Out Shine Control simply because I can't use it due to the alcohol content in it (burns my skin) but the rest of it is all mine! :D

Now onto my "rant". The NuMe "gift certificate" is a very generous discount however three things that irk me about it. First, it's not a true gift certificate since their website even lists it as a coupon. Second, all the items on the site are over $100 which means you're still paying for something out of your own pocket including a heft shipping fee. Lastly, the fact you can't pair this "gift certificate" with the 50% coupon code (myglamagram14) which is because the "gift certificate" is a coupon code. If I could use the 50% off the item in the picture plus the $100 "gift certificate" then the price out of my own pocket would still be a little over $100 but that's a far cry from almost $400. Oh well, I don't use my CHI flat iron to begin with and I rarely blow dry my hair now so it's not a total loss for me. *lol* I do know other people are annoyed with it but let's face it, MyGlam bag was only $10 and we shouldn't expect a few hundred bucks given to use which is one way of looking at the coupon code, I mean gift certificate.

So a few tips I like to share with everyone. A few weeks ago I shared on my Facebook wall a link to someone who turned her M•A•C eyeshadow into nail polish! So if you don't like your NYX Roll On Shimmer powder then turn it into nail polish or turn it into eyeliner! To make an eyeliner out of it you will need either something like M•A•C Fix+ or Urban Decay's Transforming Potion or even a gel liner to mix it into. I'll eventually have a blog post on that but I do know it's been done before.

Oh and lastly, I know that some people have had allergic reactions to the pineapple mask or the goji berry one so if the mask is stinging your face or you feel like it's burning WASH IT OFF IMMEDIATELY! This goes for ANY product you try. Don't keep it on your face if it doesn't feel right to your skin.

FTC Disclaimer: I am a MyGlam Ambassador however I am not compensated in any manner by MyGlam. Monthly bags are purchased by me for my own personal use. Opinions my own.


  1. Great post Zadidoll! Thanks for continuing to be honest about both what you like and dislike about MyGlam.

    I am curious about the MyGlam Ambasssador program...a few questions below:

    As you are "not compensated in any manner by MyGlam," what is the benefit, to you, of being an ambassador -- I'm guessing that one benefit is increased brand awareness for your blog, but are there other benefits?

    I may have missed a post on the FB page, but what exactly does it mean to be an ambassador -- beyond the guest blogging/moderating you did?

    Also, you mentioned in one of Tuesday's posts that you'll be flying to CA to meet with MyGlam -- are they paying for that trip or parts or it, even meals or sample products at that time? If so, wouldn't that be considered compensation? In my industry, any gift of services, travel, food, objects, etc., valued at $50 or more in aggregate (not individually), is considered compensation and must be reported for tax purposes.

    As always, awesome blog entry -- and thanks for your guest blogging on MyGlam. Totally enjoyed it! ;-)

    1. You're right about the benefit is increased brand awareness for my blog. The only other benefit is that I have their ear and will be participating in a meeting next week where I get a tour of their offices, the warehouse and be able to share my opinions and viewpoints with them.

      As an Ambassador I'm basically a voice for the other subscribers and hope that my voice will have some weight when it comes to how MyGlam will evolve.

      As for the trip, it's a day trip - I fly in the same day as the meeting and go home the same day - because I'm on the West Coast. They did indeed pay for the flight (it's an hour flight for me) and will be supplying lunch. I'll be leaving here at 6 AM Friday and returning home by 11 PM. It'll be a long day. Other than that that's it. I'm guessing I'll have to 1099 the trip for my taxes next year, I'll speak to my friend who is a tax preparer and see what she says since she knows more about those kinds of things than I do. lol

      Unfortunately I am bound by a non-disclosure agreement so anything I see there I won't be able to fully discuss but what I will be allowed to share I will definitely share.

  2. Hi Zadi! I think I was one of the few ppl who really liked my bag. I didn't like the Dead Sea mask, it irritated me skin after about 3 minutes or so. I did like the eye cream though and even though the sample was small, I got a few nights use out of it. I prob won't use the shine control until the summer.

    Congrats on beauty ambassador status LOL One thing I would love to see is a "Beauty From The Earth" sample in a MG bag. Have fun on your trip and good luck!


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