MyGlam February sneek peek CONFIRMED!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

On Monday I posted a sneak peek of what MyGlam is shipping out to MyGlam subscribers
The following picture was posted at MakeupTalk by xlisaa today after her bag from MyGlam came. I had people doubting me on the MyGlam wall (one basically called me a liar) and eventually Monday afternoon MyGlam yanked the individual product pages from their server.

MyGlam stated that their main page for February should be up by Wednesday (tomorrow) so my guess is the individual product pages will be back up tomorrow. Fortunately a member at Makeup Talk got her bag today and was able to confirm what I wrote on Monday! :D

  1. $100 NuMeOnline gift certificate*
  2. Freeman Mask in Goji Berry
  3. A NYX Roll On Shimmer
  4. X Out Shine Control
  5. Dead Sea Premier samples (2)
  6. Ghirardelli chocolate
So the only thing that I didn't know was coming was the chocolate. 

As I stated in my original post the only thing I wasn't sure was which item was going to be an "OR" item. Looks like the Freeman mask is among the "OR" products - you get the Goji Berry Hydration Mask OR the Pineapple Exfoliating Scrub. The other "OR" items look to be with the Dead Sea Premier products since there are six items I listed in my original sneak peek post.

*Note: There are two conditions on the "gift certificate" - has to be used on hair extensions (which are $179) or a styling tool (least expensive is a $115 mini flat iron). It's not a bag coupon but it's more of a coupon than gift certificate, a gift certificate to me has NO conditions on it.

Edit to add: Keep in mind that the bags may vary. Some people might get what xlisaa got and some people might get something else (like the Pineapple Enzyme Scrub instead of the Goji or a combination of different Dead Sea Premier masks).


  1. Sigh... shipping for the flat iron is $12. I wish there was more makeup in the bag! Oh well, there's always next month!

    1. Indeed. Next month can hopefully be better.

  2. oh man! I just got my birchbox today, GRR, its like I could have just gone to sephora to get my beauty blender. The lip tattoo stuff...ugh sighh.....
    I really hope my myglam bag comes soon, cause I want to actually try MAKEUP! although, the only "makeup" thats in there is the NYX ...seems like the december bag was the best so far out of the three.

    My first subscription to birchbox was this one..and I was REALLY disappointed. The sample sizes were WAY smaller than I thought....good lord. Zadidoll--do you think I should give birchbox one more chance? ughhhh....

    oh also, I was wondering if you knew anything about Trish McEvoy...I got a gift today..and I looked online..and ITS SPENDY! but I wonder if its really worth it's cost..any comments?

    1. "Zadidoll--do you think I should give birchbox one more chance? ughhhh...." - Only you can answer that question for yourself. But here's what I think regardless.

      Birchbox has some hits and misses, for me my box this month (#12 according to my account info on Birchbox) is a huge dud for me. The Jouer lip conditioner a few months ago... well that STILL irks me to this day. Then there's the matter of my 3rd box "lost" by Streamlite (later found out Streamlite is just notoriously SLOW via ground when it comes to coast-to-coast shipping). Regardless of all that I'm what... nine months in with the company (end of May will be my one-year anniversary with Birchbox) and I'm still with them hit or miss due to a few reasons.

      1) Excellent customer service, regardless of how lousy the box is or louse the item in the box is if I go to Paulina she'll have a reply for me that's positive and up beat as well as helpful. If something is damaged and can be replaced they quickly replace the item OR give you 100 pts which is basically getting $10 back.

      2) Their perks system. Every item you review - good or bad review - earns you 10 pts. Those points DO quickly add up. I've used my own points to score (for free) Birchbox Man ($45) which had a $70 pair of Skullcandy Holua earbuds (which my husband loves), Beauty Blender travel set (the blender and cleanser), Anastasia Beverly Hills Firming Serum and a moisturizer (blanking on the name, but it's in my December haul post) - all for FREE or near free. It's the perks system that keeps me hanging on to the next month.

      3) The products sent out are typically stuff you can buy at Sephora but many not because of cost. Even though I have a local Sephora inside JCPenney they don't carry the full Sephora line due to space limitations and while my local Macy's has beauty counters I always feel bad asking for samples there because I feel they expect me to buy to get that free sample. I never feel comfortable in Macy's. Those who don't have a Sephora this is a great way to try samples that normally you wouldn't try.

      Why did you quit Birchbox in the first place? Was it a disappointment that more full size items were sent or the lack of makeup products? Ask yourself, would you be happy if Birchbox continues to send out more skincare than makeup? Here on my blog I keep a list of the products sent out so you can see that Birchbox tends to send more skincare than make up out, same with New Beauty Test Tube.

      If you're looking for a company that strictly sends out makeup I only know of one that does but I can't recommend them simply because from what videos I've seen they send out old and discontinued products.

      I say give them one more chance. March is suppose to be a Teen Vogue + Birchbox box coming out so you could wait for that and sign up when that becomes available and go from there (I will post more info when it becomes available). If you end up not liking it again then you're only out $10.

  3. You're always too good with knowing what is in the bag before anyone else! lol. Glad my posting confirmed it for you though! :) Have you received yours yet?

    1. No bag yet. My local post office got the bag this morning so I should get it on Friday. Hopefully.


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