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Thursday, January 19, 2012

On January 9 I posted a preview of what I found on MyGlam's website in regards to the Janaury bags. As I stated in that blog entry, things were subject to change and sure enough it did change. I was partially right in the items but officially what was sent out was the Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Mask but no the satchels, a 2 oz size of WEN conditioner not the full size 16 oz and each subscriber gets either TheBalm eyeshadow OR the nail polish.

The cards that came with this month's bag.

BTW - Check out Michelle's shoes, those are Louis Vuitton heels!

My January bag was a huge disappointment to me simply because I won't be able to use everything in the bag for one reason or another as listed below. The bag came in a bubble mailer like last month and as a result many customers have posted on the MyGlam Facebook wall that their nail polish came broken OR the mask was open so the contents spilled everywhere. Lucky for me my bag came intact and I only got one bag while some people got two or three bags while others got none.

So here's what's in my bag this month.

The Bag
Like last month, all MyGlam members (who were lucky to get their bags) got a canvas makeup bag. The inside of the bag has a plastic coating to it so it won't get messy and can be more easily cleaned. It's roughly the same size as last month's bag which is about as wide as the length of non sharpened pencil.

Full size
Freeman Cucumber Peel-Off Mask 6 oz.
Retail: $3.99 (sold on

According to the card that came with this month's bag subscribers WERE suppose to get both the Cucmber Facial Peel-Off Masque and Sachets ($8) but for whatever reason MyGlam choose not to mail the sachets. Pity because I would have enjoyed the sachets more than the peel off mask.

I mentioned in my previous blog entry about the cucumber mask that I have a love-hate relationship with it.
I love it because it feels good on my face and I like how my skin feels after using it but I HATE it because it takes forever to dry and if you apply too much it drips down your face. It's also VERY sticky and a pain to wash off your hands and fingers.
I was looking forward to the two sachets that had previously been on MyGlam's site before January 10th only because I had never tried the pineapple enzyme mask but I have the Goji berry one (which I like). The cucumber mask I'm not crazy about at all. I do love how my skin feels after I get it off but it's a royal pain to work with. I'm going to end up giving this to my teen daughters because I enjoy the Freeman Chocolate & Strawberry mask more than this one (except when I'm hungry because it does smell like a melted chocolate bar).

Full size
Sheer Cover Concealer 0.10 fl. oz. (Light/Medium)
Retail: $19.95 (sold on HSN)

The light shade is too orange/salmon for my skin while the medium color maybe more of a match but it also seems to be a bit dark. I'll have to try it out on my skin and if it doesn't work then I'll give it to my eldest daughter who has a different skin tone than I do.

Deluxe size
WEN conditioner 2 fl. oz. (Sweet Almond Mint)
Not sold as single sample sizes. A box of eight 2 oz samples sells on QVC for $30 which breaks down to $3.75 each.

I was looking forward to using WEN since I'm familiar with the concept of co-washing (conditioner washing) and this is the product that pretty much started the craze to wash your hair with conditioner instead of shampoo. The problem is the sample size is only 2 oz. and while it's a generous size for someone with short hair those with long or VERY long thick hair might find this won't work at all as directed.

Chaz Dean stated on December 16 while on QVC that it takes about eight pumps of conditioner for the scalp and another eight pumps for the ends. In his video, starring Alyssa Milano, he used on her hair a large (man) palm full of product to cleanse her hair. Remember, he's a man so his hands are probably up to twice the size of a woman's hand and he used a lot of product on her hair.

Full size
TheBalm's Hot Ticket nail polish 0.50 fl. oz. (Coral Reef-ined)
Retail: $10 (sold on TheBalm)

Some people did get the TheBalm eyeshadow ($16) but it seems that the vast majority of people got a nail polish. I got the nail polish and unfortunately it's a coral color which doesn't look good on my skin tone. I might end up still using this if I do a water marbling look but by itself it's not something I'd wear.

Oh and one last thing... Michelle wrote on the card that the products are all natural and organic well nail polish is NOT all natural much less organic! LOL While it maybe Big3 Free it's still a nail polish and has artificial chemicals in it.
My bag value: $37.69

Unfortunately there is nothing in my bag this month that I'll try so it was a waste of $10 for me but luckily I have daughters that I can pass these products on to. I will give MyGlam one more month before considering quitting. Unfortunately they had so many problems this month with double and triple billing, suspending members accounts, shipping out two or more bags to the same person (who DIDN'T pay for the bag) while many ended up getting refunds because they won't be getting bags. I guess I'm fortunate that the worst thing to happen to me this month with MyGlam is that it shipped out on the 14th instead of the the 10th.

I mentioned in my previous posts and I'll mention it again, if you're considering to become a MyGlam subscriber I would recommend against joining now. They have way too many problems to fix first. If you join now you might be unhappy since MyGlam has failed to ship out by the 10th, failed to communicate with customers and has failed to deliver on items they planned on shipping out. There have been several members on the MyGlam wall who have stated they're filing complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the State Attorney Generals office of their states and of California (where MyGlam ships from). Personally I AM disappointed that they failed to send out the products as listed on the card but I'll cut them some slack since they already had a ton of other problems this month. Like I said before I'll give them on more month before making my decision to stay on another three months or quit. Who knows maybe February's bag will be totally fantastic that rivals December's bag. One can only hope, right?

Since they are a new company IF you do decide to subscribe please consider getting a month-to-month subscription instead of a yearly one. If you go this route make sure the card you use isn't about to expire as there is no way to change your card later without cancelling your subscription and waiting for subscriptions to reopen if currently closed.

Edit: I was just asked by my eldest daughter, which I thought I'd pass along... "Mom, but is it still worth the $10 you paid?" Such a practical kid. The answer is yes it's still worth the $10 price even if I didn't like the items in or won't use the items. Regardless if I like the items or can use it the price of the items I got is worth the $10, like I said least I have daughters to pass these products onto.


  1. I actually really liked my glam bag this month and I've been loving the products so far. Probably won't use the mask that much at all, though...but everything else I've been using.

    I don't know why they would put "16oz" next to the Wen conditioner on the card (since all the other sizes listed are reflective of the sample size and not the full size product)...I wouldn't have ever expected to get a full size Wen conditioner! The sample size seemed pretty big to me, but I only used about a quarter size on my hair so I probably didn't use enough =/ I can't imagine using 16 pumps of a product on my hair maybe the Wen isn't right for me anyway haha

  2. Love your nail polish color I got green that I am not to excited about I never wear green!!

  3. LOL I wear green but I rarely wear coral because the color typically does not look good on me. My daughters LOVED the products though so in the end while I may not have been happy they were so it worked out for us. :)

  4. hmmm...this is good to know, but wow again...


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