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Thursday, January 05, 2012

I have a few Kat Von D palettes that I picked up when it went on clearance, well except one that I DID buy full price only for it to go on clearance a month later (always keep your receipt). Musings of A Muse saw that there were new Kat Von D items out which was then posted on Make Up Talk's forums so I had to share the news of her newest collection.

True Romance Eyeshadow Palette - Mi Vida Loca Palette
Price: $34

This set contains:
0.05 oz eye shadow in Swan Song (iridescent pearl)
0.05 oz eye shadow in Marya (shimmery vanilla)
0.05 oz eye shadow in No Regrets (shimmery gold)
0.05 oz eye shadow in Drama For Yo Momma (shimmery kelly green)
0.05 oz eye shadow in Mad Max (matte sky blue)
0.05 oz eye shadow in Dublin (iridescent purple)
0.05 oz eye shadow in Sparklehorse (hot pink purple sparkle)
0.05 oz eye shadow in Altruism (pearl soft pink)
0.028 oz eyeliner in Wonderchild (electric blue)

My thoughts on the palette:  It's pretty but I think I'll wait for it to go on clearance to pick it up. Her palettes tend to be super fragile and break so easily. I honestly don't think they're worth $34 which is why I wait to pick up her palettes when they go on clearance for $14 to $15. (Which reminds me, her Metal Orchestra one is on clearance at some Sephoras for $5. It's clearanced out on Sephora.com for $18 right now.)

To be honest I'm not impressed with the colors. They don't seem to really pop out to me and scream "my crazy life". Okay, so the palette is a spring palette which means softer and more demure colors but since the palette is called "Mi Vida Loca" I would expect the colors to be more dramatic. Maybe it's the picture from Sephora and in real life these colors are bold and dramatic but for $34 I'll pass until it's on clearance.

High Voltage Lacquer
Price: $12 each
Size: 0.25 oz each

There are four colors Mad Max, No Regrets, Wonderchild and Sparklehorse. The picture on the left is Wonderchild.

My thoughts:  The swatch pictures on Sephora's site are pretty BUT these colors look easily duped with either China Glaze ($5.99) polishes or Sinful Colors ($1.99). I think maybe Cult Nails ($10) might have some polishes that can dupe the High Voltage Lacquer.

My biggest beef with nail polishes is the price for the amount. It's why Julep's polishes bug me so much - love the colors hate the amount you get for the price ($14 each polish unless you're a Maven and it's $19.99 monthly for two to four polishes depending on your style). If I'm going to pay more than $10 on ONE bottle of polish it has to have more than 0.25 ounces. I get Zoya polishes in my Birchbox ($10 monthly subscription) from time to time and the "sample" sizes are 0.24 ounces.

Basically, why pay so much for something that can be duped for less money and you get more product. Nail polish doesn't spoil which means even if you get tired of the color you can put away and a year or two down the line pull it out and paint your nails.

Everlasting Liquid Love Lipstick
Price: $18 each
Size: 0.18 oz

There are six colors available:
  1. Backstage Bambi
  2. Berlin
  3. Bow & Arrow (left in the image)
  4. Jeffree
  5. Lolita
  6. Outlaw
My thoughts:  The colors are not new, least not all the colors. Backstage Bambi and Lolita were last seen in her Painted Love lip gloss collection. I know they're also in her Paint Love Lipstick collection as well. Out of all the colors I wish they would bring Adora back. I LOVED that shade of red but it was ALWAYS sold out online and in the Sephora stores I visited in Vegas (when that lipstick was first out). Maybe if these go on clearance I'll pick one up, just wish Adora was among those glosses.

It's funny how the amount of lip gloss and the prices don't bug me while with nail polish it does. Maybe it's because I'm such a nail polish junkie while lip glosses don't have that hold on me like my polishes do. lol Still, I'm think I'll pass on the these lip glosses because for $18 I rather buy Lime Crime's Carousel Glosses ($18 each; 3.5 g / 0.12 oz) and I'm not a Lime Crime fan but those glosses just keep calling my name each time I see swatches for it. So far I've resisted but at $65 for the entire collection I'm not sure how much longer I can resist.

What do you think? Anything look interesting enough for you to pick up? Or is it a pass for you?


  1. Hi. I just found your blog through Vampy Varnish & your post about your pets. They all sound so cute. I love cats (& always wanted a ferret)& love make-up too.

  2. Hi! Glad you found me. I love cats - I'm known as the "Crazy Cat Lady" in my family. How can anyone NOT love cats? lol

  3. I want that palette harder than I've wanted anything in a while.. I have a few of her palettes and LOVE them, and this new one looks so fun! I don't know if I'll be able to hold out until it goes on sale ;\


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