MyGlam: Yup another subscription service

Saturday, November 26, 2011

MyGlam is the newest beauty subscription service by Michelle Phan of YouTube fame. Like Birchbox it's a subscription beauty company that sends out "four to five new beauty products each month in a cute makeup bag". From My Glam's FAQs, "Glam Bags are shipped on the last day of every month via USPS mail".

This company launched in November 2011 and is set to send the first boxes in December.
Cost per month: $10

Now I have a few things to point out at this time. At the time I subscribed the point of purchase was unsecured, it looks as of November 26 the page is now secured (https instead of http). There are a couple of things that still bug me (and granted this is a brand new company and will probably eventually work the bugs out) and these are:
  1. The questionnaire was odd and more suited to subscribing for shoes not makeup. There was no place to enter your skin color, your hair color or even your eye color. The questionnaire even skipped a page, it jumped from page 5 to page 7 and I don't know if that's due to a glitch on the site OR if there were 13 questions and not 14.
  2. myglam1.jpg myglam2.jpg myglam3.jpg myglam4.jpg myglam5.jpg myglam7.jpg myglam8.jpg myglam9.jpg myglam10.jpg myglam11.jpg myglam12.jpg myglam13.jpg myglam14.jpg
  3. How will they be able to determine the right products for the customer? Granted Birchbox gets it wrong from time to time with colors sent out to customers but we know there are a larger variety of boxes that is sent out by Birchbox each month. No idea with MyGlam. Still I'll be the guinea pig on this one it seems since I have signed up despite the fact that the MyGlam order page is not secured.
  4. Will they have perks like Birchbox and other companies when it comes to referring people or reviewing products?
  5. Are items being sent out full size, deluxe size or mini samples? Frankly mini samples tend not to be worth it especially if there are no perks such as a referral or review system to offset the cost of the box.

Date order was placed: 11/22/11 and according to the MyGlam site this is what will be in the first boxes sent out:
Is it worth it? Well if the items shipped out will be either full size or deluxe size then yes $10 is worth it HOWEVER at this time I have no opinion on if the boxes sent out are worth it or not.


  1. All birch boxers who wanted just makeup will be all over on this one.

  2. Not necessarily. It will highly depend on the perks. We just have to wait and see exactly what MyGlam will be sending out. I know I won't switch. I've basically got all my boxes from Birchbox for free since I've earned nearly 900 pts which is basically $90. If MyGlam send out full size items or has a fantastic incentive program like Birchbox then I can see people switching but if it turns out to be a dud like Eco-Emi and GoGoGirlfriend I don't see people dropping Birchbox for MyGlam.

    I can't wait for my first MyGlam box though.

  3. I just signed up for this! Those blush papers look pretty interesting! Thanks for sharing this!

  4. This looks interesting. I think I'll wait a few months to hear reviews before I order though.

  5. I just signed up for this today. I looked at their FAQ and was wondering if you got an email after you signed up telling you that you will actually be getting the bag.

    "Supplies are limited, so after inputting your information you will receive an email confirmation that bags are still available."

  6. "These full-sized products or deluxe-sized samples are selected by our stylists for you to enjoy."

    This was on the "How it works" section of the website. Really excited now!

  7. I think I'm with Nicole - I'm going to give it a couple of months to see what other people are getting in their bags and what their opinions are on the items before dropping money on another subscription.


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