Two Cosmetics: An update

Monday, August 15, 2011

In early July I wrote about Two Cosmetics selling Lady Burd's paint wheels at IMATS in Los Angeles. I recognized the wheels immediately in pictures that were posted and after some investigation saw that they were selling the wheels as eye palettes and claiming the products were eye safe.

This morning at Makeup Talk the co-owner of Two Cosmetics posted this:

Originally Posted by joanna

Hello everyone! I am Joanna (one of the founders of two cosmetics). Thank you for your concern with our paint wheels. We were actually not aware of this until recently via Annie's communication with us and so have recently added a disclaimer to our paint section. So Thank you Annie! When my sister, Jacqueline and I set out to start a cosmetics company with the goal of empowering women and making products more affordable for all women, we honestly just found manufacturers that would work with us since we were so small. We are now able to source more manufacturers and are in the process of improving these paint wheels by finding alternative ingredients that can be used around the eyes. So please stay tuned and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

I went to check their website and they do indeed have a disclaimer however its' VERY misleading and the products are still in the eyes section rather than the face. Keep in mind ALL but ONE of the paint wheels are not approved for the eyes and clearly state that on Lady Burd's website.

Here's my actual reply to her on the forums.
Thank you for adding that disclaimer but what you wrote in tiny, light gray writing on your page is still a misleading because LadyBurd states this on their page (in large, black lettering):

Quote Lady Burd:

All of the wheels except Nightfall (which you call Lola) are not approved for the eyes as indicated by Lady Burd.

Quote Two Cosmetics:
vibrant pallets of “in-your-face” powder paints to give your look that something that makes you stand out! use the brush of your choice to create art on your face to your heart’s content. add a little water to define your look or glitter to finish your masterpiece. great for theatre/costume makeup & a fantastic treat for halloween. can be used wet/dry, all over your face & with or without a base. *some colors are not recommended for the eye area due to staining, please contact for details

To be fair I did contact your company when I originally posted this and was told that it was safe for the eyes. I already knew at that time that the wheels are made by Lady Burd and was (am) well aware of Lady Burd's warning.

As a consumer, and keep in mind my comments are my own and not those of Makeup Talk's owner or other moderators, I would hope you would move the paint wheels from the eyes section and place them in your face section with the same notice that Lady Burd gives on their site - "Not approved for the eyes". Keeping them in the eye section is misleading since these wheels are not meant for the eyes which is why on Lady Burd's page the items are in the Dramatic All Overs section and not in the Brow & Eyes section.

Now I decided to do some more investigating into those paint wheels since I was familiar with the Bitchslap controversy and found a forum where someone asked about the ingredients in those paint wheels. Here's what I found on another forum:

According to the FDA's own website the colors that are NOT APPROVED FOR EYES are:

RED 7 LAKE(15850:1)
RED 28 LAKE(45410:2)
YELLOW 10 LAKE(47005:1)

So either Joanna either lied again since her claims is that it's not approved due to staining or she just has no clue as to what she's selling. I'll be nice and state it's the latter rather than the former. To be even more fair the products can be used on the face but not the eyes but if you're going to use them on your eyes then you should be made aware of what the ingredients are.

If I were in Joanna's shoes I'd find out WHY the paint wheels are not eye safe then once I found out move the products out of the eye section and sell in the face section and place a HUGE disclaimer as to why I moved the products out of the eye section. I'd also place a notice on my Facebook and website stating anyone who bought the paint wheels should be made aware that a few of the ingredients are not FDA approved for eyes, to discontinue using the products on their eyes and could either ask for a refund OR a replacement for a different product.

So here's my warning to people: If you bought a paint wheel from Two Cosmetics or any other indy company and thought these paint wheels were eye safe you need to either discontinue using the products and contact the company ASAP OR continue to use the product at your own risk.

(Edit: I also found another blogger who did her own investigation into Ruthless Cosmetics who were selling the same Paint Wheels.)


  1. Update: I've been told that FERRIO/FERRIC FERROCYANIDE is not lip safe according to the FDA. This is why products containing that ingredient cannot be used on the lips.

    If you have any lip products containing that I would advise to discontinue using it and contact the company you bought it from.


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