OCC Lip Tars

Last updated 11/22/2013

Current Lip Tars:

  1. CLEAR - To prime and sheer

  2. ANIME - Seriously neon pink
  3. ANITA - Browned burgundy (Moderncraft collection)
  4. ANNIKA - Pale neutral peach
  5. BETA - True orange
  6. BLACK DAHLIA - Blackest, blackened red (Heroine Collection)
  7. CHA CHA - Pale tangerine
  8. CLOCKWORK - Burnished orange creme
  9. DIGITALIS - Pink tinged, pale lavender (The Garden Collection)
  10. DIVINE - True pink flamingo
  11. FEATHERED - Pure white, lightens
  12. FEMME - True baby pink (Pretty Boy Collection)
  13. GRANDMA - Clean classic coral
  14. HARLOT - Neon popsicle red
  15. HOOCHIE - Extreme magenta
  16. HUSH - Bridal neutral pink
  17. INTERLACE - Palest creme peach
  18. KAVA KAVA - Light peach neutral (The Garden Collection)
  19. LYDIA - Darkroom plum (Heroine Collection)
  20. MARION - (Heroine Collection) [Note: only available now via The Scream Queen set]
  21. MEMENTO - Mid-tone pink/plum neutral
  22. NARCISSUS - Lavender-toned pink (Pretty Boy Collection)
  23. NSFW - True, balanced red
  24. OPHELIA - Petal pink flush (The Garden Collection)
  25. PAGEANT - [Note: only available now via The Venomous Vixen set]
  26. PRETTY BOY - Super rich fuschia (Pretty Boy Collection)
  27. PSYCHO - True blood red (Heroine Collection)
  28. QUEEN - Neon red coral (Pretty Boy Collection)
  29. RADIATE - Electric red coral
  30. RX - True cyan blue
  31. SEBASTIAN - Plum-toned taupe (Moderncraft collection)
  32. STALKER - True blue-based red
  33. STRUMPET - Seedless grape red
  34. TARRED - True black, darkens
  35. TRAFFIC - True primary yellow
  36. TROLLOP - Pinked coral
  37. VINTAGE - Deep burgundy

  38. AUTHENTIC - Bronze copper frost (Metallurgy collection)
  39. BLACK METAL DAHLIA - Blackened burgandy with red pearl (Moderncraft collection)
  40. ELECTRIC GRANDMA - Classic coral frost (Metallurgy collection)
  41. FRAGMENTED -  Acid-green, gold laced metallic (Fragmented collection)
  42. ICED - Pure white frost (Metallurgy collection)
  43. LOVECRAFT - Pink/ lilac metallic (Moderncraft collection)
  44. POWERPLANT - Emerald (Powerplant collection)
  45. PRIS - Palest champagne metallic (Sci-Fi Lullabies collection)
  46. ROLE PLAY - Deep maroon with red pearl (Moderncraft collection)
  47. SUPER NSFW - Gold laced red (Metallurgy collection)
  48. YAOI - True fuschia metallic (Metallurgy collection)
  49. ZHORA - Pale peach-gold metallic (Sci-Fi Lullabies collection)

    Stained Glass
  50. ANDROGYNE- Psychedelic orange gel (Stained Gloss collection)
  51. DEKADENT- Translucent crushed blueberry (Stained Gloss collection / Moderncraft collection)
  52. JEALOUS- Popsicle pink/ red (Stained Gloss collection)
  53. LITTLE BLACK DRESS - Sheer glossy black (Black Friday)
  54. MEIN HERR- Creme fraiche beige (Stained Gloss collection / Moderncraft collection)
  55. META- Red-orange shellac (Stained Gloss collection)
  56. NEW WAVE- Glassy neon pink (Stained Gloss collection)
  57. RHYTHM BOX- Translucent burgundy (Stained Gloss collection)
  58. VOYEUR-Yellow glaze (Stained Gloss collection)
Discontinued Lip Tar Colors
  1. Analog
  2. Banjee (Pretty Boy Collection)
  3. Belladonna (The Garden Collection)
  4. Butch (Pretty Boy Collection)
  5. Chlorophyll (The Garden Collection)
  6. Complex
  7. Conquest
  8. Dangerous
  9. Demure
  10. January Rising (exclusive to January Hurt)
  11. Katricia
  12. Melange
  13. Nylon
  14. Pennyroya (The Garden Collection) - still available on Sephora.com
  15. Petty Beige
  16. Reverb
  17. Safety Orange
  18. Starling (Heroine Collection)
  19. Sybil (Heroine Collection)
  20. Toned
  21. Trick
  22. Triptych (Metallurgy collection)
  23. Uber

Fall 2011: Pretty Boy Collection
Banjee, Butch, Femme, Narcissus, Pretty Boy and Queen

Fall/Winter 2012: Heroine Collection
Black Dahlia, Lydia, Marion, Psycho, Starling and Sybil

Spring/Summer 2012: The Garden Collection
Kava Kava, Pennyroyal, Chlorophyll, Belladonna, Digitalis and Ophelia

Spring 2012: Sci-Fi Lullabies
Pris, Lovecraft, Zhora, Batty, Clockwork and Annika

Fall 2012/Winter 2013: Metallurgy
Iced, Triptych, Authentic, Electric, Super NSFW, Yaoi

Summer 2013: Stained Gloss
Voyeur, Androgyne, New Wave, Meta, Jealous and Rhythm Box

Fall 2013: Moderncraft
Role Play, Anita, Black Metal Dahlia, Dekadent, Sebastian and Mein Herr

Fall 2013: Fragmented Alice


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