Follow up: Diane Wilson from ABC 11

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Thanks to the "drama channels", people are now aware that ABC11 investigative reporter Diane Wilson is willing to looking into the issue with Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipsticks. Some people are wondering who exactly is Diane Wilson.

Diane Wilson works for ABC affiliate WTVD out of Durham, NC. In 2017, Diane did a story on how a couple of makeup items from Justice brands contained asbestos. I remembered her story because I covered it here on my blog at the time and so I felt that she would be the best person to go to in order to find out what's going on with those lipsticks.

I contacted her via Twitter and she asked me to email her which I did.

My email to her:
Hi Diane. Thank you for taking the time to talk to me about the Jaclyn Hill lipsticks. Due to the fact you did the story on the Justice brands products I was hoping that you might be interested in covering this story. Unfortunately, I do not own the lipsticks – well fortunately because there are people who spent over $330 for the entire collection only to be sent product that is contaminated with something. No one knows what the products are contaminated with but Jaclyn Hill and her company have released statements saying it’s less than 0.1%. Here’s the problem with that statement of their’s – there’s no way for them to be sure as ALL 20 lipsticks contain the same batch code (based on those who have purchased the full collection). There’s absolutely no way for them to be sure how many products are affected and they must presume 100% of the batches are contaminated.

I can get a hold of a few people to contact you directly, those who own the product, to see if they can send it to you if you’re willing to do a story on it.
Her reply:
Wow! Thanks so much for this information. Can you give my email to the people who have it as I’d love to work on this story. Thanks Diane

If you're affected by the Jaclyn Cosmetics/Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics lipsticks and would like to participate in the story she's doing please contact her at

Also, please note: Marlena Stell of Makeup Geek is offering to pay for independent testing for those affected by these contaminated lipsticks.


  1. I love it. I hope they do a full test from a variety of lipsticks. I was curious to see someone try to pull the hair apart, as I think a mold would break very easily and a hair would stretch before it broke, you know? Also if someone would try burning the hair with a lighter, hair would burn and smell differently than mold. Bad either way but which bad is it or is it both?


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