Morphe x Jaclyn Hill Vault palettes: Is it worth it?

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

On June 21, 2018, Morphe made a statement that they were halting sales of the new Jaclyn Hill Vault Collection because the products were not living up to their standards. I theorized the real reason was that BECCA Cosmetics issued a cease and desist due to the fact that the Vault's palettes were using a design that was very similar to the BECCA Champagne Pop collection design that was also collaborated with Jaclyn Hill.

As a reminder for those who didn't see the announcement.

Jaclyn took to social media to state that there was a pressing issue so that the palettes would be redone. A lot of people, self-included, were not buying it due to the fact that CUSTOM manufacturing takes time. Also factor in that there is now an embargo on Chinese imported goods there's no way that Morphe contacted their manufacturer in China (most likely Beautydom Commodities) told them of the issue, threw out all the old palettes, redid all the palettes, packaged, shipped across the ocean via cargo ship, waited for it to be inspected and allowed in by customs, shipped to them or their distributors (like ULTA) ALL WITHIN SEVEN WEEKS!

Sorry not buying it.

So fast forward to August 14, 2018 and ULTA Beauty has their store displays up in every single store along with the product.

There are no ULTAs near me and while the nearest one is 12 miles away in Braintree (MA) I opted to go to a different ULTA that's 15 miles away simply because I didn't want to deal with Braintree traffic that time of day as ULTA is right off the highway. So off to ULTA I went and sure enough, they had the display there along with all four palettes (only three available for sale).

ULTA Beauty display.
Each palette contains 10 pans of shadows and are sold for $15 each. That makes all four palettes (40 shades) $60. Compare that to the original Jaclyn Hill palette that sells for $38 for 35 colors and honestly, the price hike is not justifiable when the quality of these shadows are awful.

Now I do admit a few of the colors - IN THE PALETTE - are breathtaking and only ONE color actually caught my eye but as I swatched in the store I found that the lighter colors quickly faded or outright disappeared. Poof from the Dark Magic palette lived up to it's name and poofed from my arm in minutes. The shadows that contain glitter (like Coin) became a glitter bomb all over my arm as time passed and the colors faded leaving only the glitter behind. The greens from Dark Magic and Armed and Gorgeous were horrible, muddy, and looked way too similar. ALL of the mattes were dry and chalky to the touch.

I've worked with shadows from all over the world since I was a teenager and applying it to myself. These shadows look beautiful in the palette but are awful. At $60 for the entire set, or even $15 individually, these are a hard pass for me to purchase. If you purchase it I suggest keeping the reciept because you'll want to return these if you end up not liking it.

In regards to the batch codes on the back. Companies typically have a lot number or batch code on the back. These codes and numbers represent when the product was made so each time there's a new batch a new code is generated. What this also means is that the batch codes from those first batches, that supposedly were pulled, will not match the codes currently sold.

It also allows a person to know if their product is expired or not. While I've only seen one person post the photos of their Vault palettes back when it was first released I don't have all the batch codes from the original palettes. I do have the codes from the palettes seen at the ULTA store I went to.

Dark Magic

Bling Boss

Armed and Gorgeous

Ring The Alarm
Marked V2

From Poshmark photos I have seen the following batch codes:


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