ELF Primer: Deceptive product or not?

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Social media has dramatically changed over the last four years and of course with the millions of videos posted on YouTube and other social media sites with the countless people who want to be influencers or news reporters things can get recycled. Well this time, the drama surrounding Eyes Lips Face primer has become viral after a woman went on YouTube to essentially complain about the packaging of the e.l.f Blemish Control Primer. I actually reported about this years and years ago either on my Facebook wall or on Makeup Talk but it's missing somewhere in cyberspace. Needless to say let me rehash this and add my two cents into the drama.

On Monday, June 11, 2018 a woman named "Stephanie Marie" went on Facebook to complain about the eyes.lips.face primer stating that she had been using the product for three weeks, at a 1/2 pea size, and had quickly run out. She also claimed she expected this product to last her about a year. Uh huh. Obviously Ms. Stephanie knows nothing about airless pumps.

The e.l.f. primer weighs 0.47 fl. oz. (14mL) and comes in a pump bottle that stands about three or four inches tall. This is the same size as their Mineral Infused Face Primer, Poreless Face Primer, Illuminating Face Primer, Tone Adjusting Face Primer, Hydrating Face Primer, and Brightening Lavender Face Primer. At the time these originally launched, the primers came in one size which now is listed as "small" and retails for $6. The company has since launched a "large" version of each one for $10 with each weighing 1.01 fl. oz. (30mL).

Images from Qosmedix.

Airless pumps are bulky due to the fact that it's designed to dispense the product by the vacuum that's formed between the interior and exterior of the bottle plus a bottom piece that pulls up as the product is dispensed. In a traditional bottle with a tube, the vacuum is formed inside the bottle pulling product up the tube to be dispensed. The upside to airless is you get more product out of the packaging whereas a normal bottle you tend to get a bit of wasted product. The downside to airless is that there's a lot more packaging to throw away from the exterior packaging to the product packaging itself. Granted you can always wash out the container and recycle it IF it has a recycle mark on it but unfortunately a lot of people don't recycle.

Honestly, this is such an old discussion that went viral because someone didn't look at the packaging size and doesn't understand packaging types. The ladies at Beauty News did a really good in-depth video and even showed how much product is inside the e.l.f. primer.

So to answer my own blog title question: It isn't deceptive due to the nature of the packaging but at the same time, the green interior along with actually pump exterior size does make it appear that there's more product than there is so those who never were aware of airless pumps and how it works obviously will feel deceived. Honestly, for $6 a 1/2 ounce of product isn't terribly expensive when compared to other brands.

Edit: Thank you Carmen for sharing your video with me.


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