Amazon: Watch out for paid reviews

Friday, April 20, 2018

A few days ago I posted about how Amazon* customers should be wary of four and five-star reviews due to the fact that there are companies paying people for their reviews. I did contact Amazon and the email reply sent back made me think they didn't bother reading the email.

To recap - the email sent to me on my business email account.

My Amazon account is not associated with this email and in fact, I could have accepted this offer because there would be no way for Amazon to legitimately tie my Amazon account with my business account. If I were a dishonest person I could have made $5 easily. (Honestly, for a bribe that's really insulting how little it was. lol)

I forwarded the email to Amazon via and to but only get a reply from cs-help that says this:

When I sent the email it was a forward that read: "[FWD: We would LOVE for you to try our Skincare!] but the reply from Amazon came as "Your Amazon Order". What? The auto reply I first recieved right before that DID have the correct subject line with the foward so I don't get how it goes from forward to being about an order that has nothing to do with the email I sent!


So obviously I can report companies trying to bribe people for reviews and Amazon isn't going to do anything about it so buyer beware that Amazon reviews may not always be up and up.


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