Melkior Professional UK: Drama surrounding the UK website.

Sunday, February 25, 2018

Recently Melkior Professional UK Instagram page has come under scrutiny by customers for selling recalled Melkior shadows and not being an official Melkior stockist. Here's what I do know and you can decide for yourself to purchase Melkior products from the UK website or not.

Melkior Professional was founded by Eric and Alexander via their company Sonya Mod in 1997. There is even a trademark by Sonya Mod for Melkior Professional out of Bucuresti Romania. Suffice it to say, ALL information pertaining to Sonya Mod, Melkior Professional - with the exception of the UK domains - are ALL going back to the same company based out of Bucuresti Romania.

European registration information is weird. Some of the domains have lots of information listed, some very little but ALL show the same common name server - - which is the domain servers owned by Melkior Romania. Sonya Mod IS based in Romania so I think we can establish without a doubt that Melkior is a Romanian company. On the official Melkior website the only websites listed are Romania, France, Poland, Moldova, Belgium, and Lithuania.

Now as for the UK domain both and - both were registered through GoDaddy. As of this post, the UK domain shows the person registered is based out of England, was registered in January 2017, and the name server is owned by Wix (meaning it's hosted by Wix). The CO UK url, on the other hand, shows that whoever registered it used a proxy to hide the registration information BUT doing a simple TRACERT on both CO UK and UK show they both have the same IP address and coupled with the fact both are registered by GoDaddy it's safe to presume that both domains are owned by the same person and/or company.

The UK site is not part of the official Melkior website so it's not directly owned by Melkior but that doesn't mean they're not sanctioned by Melkior. At this time I do not know one way or another if the UK site is legitimate or not but I have contacted the official site and hope to hear back soon.

The Melkior Professional Instagram page is

UPDATE 2/26/2018

I did contact Melkior and the owner Alexander Eram sent me this letter via Facebook messenger. In short, the UK site is an official distributor in of Melkior Professional products in the UK.

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