An open letter to TPTB at The View

Thursday, February 01, 2018

Dear Powers The Be at The View,

Today is Thursday, February 1, 2018 and last night I was watching yesterday's show prior to going to bed. I know you're expecting this open letter to bash the ladies of The View or bash the discussions they speak about, actually, my open letter to you is something completely different yet does touch on what Whoopi Goldberg said yesterday.

To recap, here's the video clip I'm going to refer to.

Video provided by The View's Facebook page.

At the 2:41 mark Whoopi said, "This is a message to the people who powder before people go on camera. You might wanna actually take a look to see if there could be an issue. Call me crazy, but I'm just saying you know that's something...."

What's the term used these days? Oh yes, clap back. I'm going to have to clap back on this and say, "look at your own house." That is, I watch The View on daily basis and I have noticed for YEARS, YEARS, the women on the View ALWAYS look orange or jaundiced (yellow). It's most noticeable on Sunny, who often looks either very orange, very pale and metallic, and on Sara, who often looked orange. They posted this live feed of backstage where the hosts are being last minute prepped for the stage and then it all clicked on why their makeup ALWAYS looks bad. (Note: the hosts get their makeup done in their own dressing rooms where the lights might be tungsten as well. While only Joy and Meghan's dressing rooms were previously shown, the lights around the mirrors appeared to be possibly Tungsten but were off so no idea if it is or isn't.)

Video provided by The View's Facebook page.

Can you figure it out? It's the lights on the mirror. Under those Tungsten lights, the makeup on Sunny looks great. That's the problem. Tungsten lights range between 2700 Kelvin up to around 3500 Kelvin. Most light bulbs, like what's used in those mirrors, are actually 2700K so they're very orange. No idea what the watts are on those bulbs but considering it doesn't look bright I'll guess each bulb is no more than 60 watts. The stage lights are clean, obviously very bright, and my guess the stage lights are between 5500 Kelvin up to 6500 Kelvin. As a result, the makeup going from Tungsten to daylight equivalent will reveal the makeup as being radically different.

Screencaps used under U.S. Fair Use laws.

In the screencaps from yesterday's show, you can see Sunny's face has an orange undertone to it while her hands have her natural red undertones. There are photos of her on stage looking pale and even metallic because the makeup done backstage at that table looks different. One one hand, this is the fault of the makeup artists because it comes off as no one is realizing that the color temperature has a dramatic effect on the makeup and how it looks on 4K HD tv. The thing is, it's not entirely their fault but rather it's those in charge of lights like their director of photography.

Image from The Makeup Light Facebook.
The easiest way for me to show you what I mean is to use The Makeup Light's photo on their Key Light Gel Pack. What the makeup looks like using their light, which is 2000 lumens, 4800 Kelvins, 96+ CRI with a projection of 5 feet. Backstage on The View the makeup looks similar "sunset" while on camera, on stage, it looks like "naked". There's a BIG difference between "naked" and "sunset" and that's what happens when you go from one light source to another. This is also why I can't completely blame the makeup artists who work for The View since they have to work with what they're given. Sure they can bring in their own lights but that might not be allowed or feasible.

The EASIEST way for the powers that be at The View to correct the issue with lighting backstage is to change out every single one of those bulbs for a 5500 K daylight light bulb. Personally, if I were in charge of makeup for The View I'd ask for those bulbs to be replaced with 800 lumens, 5500K, 80 CRI. I wouldn't go above 800 lumens per bulb, I personally love 1100 lumen bulbs (typically found in 100 watts equivalent bulbs) but having that many 1100 lumen bulbs would wash out a person so you lose the benefit of having daylight bulbs.

The bottom line is that having the right light can make or break how the makeup looks in person versus on a 4K, 6K, or even 8K HD camera. The higher the camera the more it picks up and having a proper light is absolutely critical.

So to the powers that be at The View, I highly recommend changing out those bulbs. Someone run to Home Depot or Lowes and look for DAYLIGHT (5500K) bulbs that 60 Watts. OR turn those lights off and get The Makeup Light Key Panel Master Package OR even their Portable Vanity Studio Kits. While there are other light systems out there from ring lights to Glamcor ONLY The Makeup Light is the perfect white light that doesn't blind a person with tiny bare LED bulbs and doesn't run too yellow, too green, or too blue. TML is perfect light.

Image from IMATS. Used from The Makeup Light's Facebook page.
Take a look at Namaisa using TML's Portable Vanity and a single Key Light panel. Look at how CLEAN that light is. THAT light color is what should be backstage at The View and at ANY tv station that has similar Tungsten lights.

Disclaimer: While I do know the owners of The Makeup Light I'm an owner of my own Key Panel which I've purchased out of my own pocket. I'm in no way compensated for this post but as a former makeup artist it really bothers me seeing people with really bad makeup because of bad lighting. There's NO excuse when a wonderful product like TML is out there available at a reasonable cost. There are days I don't want to watch The View, and other shows, because of how distracting the makeup is and most of the time it's due to the makeup applied under poor to bad lighting conditions.


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