Melissa Street's Periscope: Sanitation

Sunday, July 09, 2017

My wonderful friend and very talented makeup artist, Melissa Street of Epic Makeup, did a Periscope video on sanitation this afternoon. Since it's Periscope of course the video will be up only for a short time.

I wanted to follow up on her video due to a comment I made during the Scope. I said something along the lines that you can use 99% Isopropyl Alcohol to clean and had previously mentioned to sanitize/disinfect you use 70% IPA. So to avoid confusion let me clarify what I mean by using 99% IPA to clean.

I've previously contacted the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in regards to which percentage of isopropyl alochol to use to sanitize and disinfect. I was told by a CDC rep that the best IPA to use is 70% as it can penetrate the cell wall or a virus or bacteria and kill it while 95% and 99% will coagulate the cell wall not allowing the alochol to penetrate the wall and thus the virus or bacteria will not be killed. A few of us use the terms "freeze" and I've use the analogy of Han Solo in Star Wars being encased in metal where he's alive on the inside but has the metal shell preventing anything from getting in.

99% IPA is use in alcohol activate makeup to do just that - activate the makeup. It can also be use to clean a surface much like you'd use water to clean a surface. 99% IPA can help break down some types of adhesives, it can help clean up dried mascara from a table top, it can help remove a pop/cola/soda stain but it cannot sanitize and it cannot disinfect, you need to use 70% IPA or another appropriate product like 10% bleach mixture (to be used only on certain surfaces not on makeup), Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, Parian Spirit, etc. Yes, you can use 91% IPA however the CDC recommends 70% over 91% and does not recommend 95% or 99% for the coagulation reasons.

Hope that clarifies my comment about using 99% to clean.

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