The other two Justice products tested by ABC 11 WTVD

Monday, July 17, 2017

I contacted Diane Wilson from WTVD, the ABC affiliate in North Carolina that did the original story and had three Justice products tested by Scientific Analytical Institute in Greensboro, NC. The original newscast did not include what the other two items tested were and only mentioned that the two items did not come back as being contaminated with asbestos. Diane Wilson was kind enough to provide a photo and updated their original story to include this photo and the name of the two items that did NOT contain asbestos. The other two items tested and were found to NOT contain asbestos were the "Just Shine Baked Blush" (item # 6060575) and "Just Shine Shimmer Bronzing Powder" (item # 6061979).

At this time, parents posting on the Justice Facebook page are reporting that they are being denied refunds (even with proof of purchase) and that some Justice locations are still selling the products at a discounted price. One mother, in Massachusetts, where I'm located at, reported she spotted the Shimmer Powder still being sold. She didn't state which store in MA, however, since I live near three I'll check those three out over the week.

If you see the affected item still being sold don't bother letting store management know but instead contact your local news station or newspaper and let them know that WTVD had an independent lab test the products, Justice was to stop selling, but those locations are still selling it. Get the word out in your area if it's still being sold. If I'm sounding like a worrywart over this, I won't deny that. Asbestos, Barium, Chromium, Lead, and Selenium are all things that can cause serious health issues such as cancer, even death. Since these products are aimed at tweens and young teens kids as young as five could be exposed to some serious contaminants that may affect their health down the road, especially in those whose families are already high risk.

If you purchased this item please report it to the US FDA. Do not throw the product away, bag it and seal it. Inform your child's doctor of the issue so it's noted in their medical records.

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