Inside my Beautylish Lucky Bag 2017!

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

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Originally I had planned on publishing this yesterday, January 10, however, I lost the light to take pictures of the products and decided to hold off until the next day. Overnight I came to discover that some people who purchased a $75 variation received an older limited edition product from Charlotte Tilbury that was originally sold during the summer of 2015 while others, a brand new to Beautylish, T3 mini tool set. I will have a stand alone post on that later.

Ready to see inside my box?

On December 26, 2016 I took the plunge once again in Beautylish's annual Lucky Bag sale. What's inside is random and so there are multiple varieties sent out - some really good and some... well, a Whammy. If you're old enough to remember the game show Press Your Luck, well that's what a Lucky Bag essentially is. You're pressing your luck by purchasing one and hoping for the best. Some people love their bags, some people can be very disappointed. My bag last year was really nice. I really enjoyed the vast majority of things and thanks to it I now frequently use Bioderma Sensibio H2O. This year's box... it was a Whammy of sorts since the vast majority of items are repeat items for me. Oh well, there's always next year!

Made in France

A repeat item for me, like a major repeat item for me, as I own a 250 ml size and another 100 ml size. I do buy these somewhat on a regular basis. I know what I don't need to buy anytime soon! LOL It's a really good product so if you haven't tried you but don't want to order online you can also find Bioderma at select stores.

Made in Italy

Another item I already own, as this was gifted to me when it first came out, is the Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson Dreamy Glow Highlighter. It launched in mid-2015 and was part of the Charlotte Tilbury x Norman Parkinson limited edition collection. It was discontinued by the end of Spring 2016 but I'm not exactly sure when.

Added several hours after I began my original post so I'll put the newer thoughts in italics.
It came to my attention that Beautylish sent out other items from the Norman Parkinson collection in the $75 bags and I will have a stand alone post on this topic to further discuss it but I do have mini-rant on the matter to get off my chest here in this blog post.

While this was a limited edition item from the summer of 2015 Norman Parkinson collection the items were made prior to June 2015 and so the products are older. While I understand Beautylish's decision to include this item in the Lucky Bags some may find it incredibly unfair that old, discontinued product from a past LE collection was sent out while others recieved more new items including some lucky people getting the T3 mini set ($189 retail). I have to admit, I'm a wee bit salty about that myself since all items in my mind should be items still sold by Beautylish or soon to be released on Beautylish rather than items from past collections that were no longer sold as of around by the summer of 2016.

Made in Italy

Ok, I thought about this one. At first, I was like, "Oh goodie... another mascara. Mascaras are cheap things companies send out... like a lot." You are to toss opened mascara after three months of use, sooner if you accidently contaminated it. I'm guilty of hoarding used mascaras, there's one from Sephora that hasn't been made in years and I still have it despite the fact it's totally dried out and I don't use it. LOL As I was taking photos for my blog my opinion kind of changed on this. At some point in time, I'll use this but when I don't know hopefully before it dries out in the tube. If I don't use it I know one of my daughters will end up snagging it since they tend to make off with any new and unused mascaras I have laying around.

Made in France

I was happy to get this palette. The shades in are gorgeous and colors I enjoy working with so I'll eventually get around to using this palette.

Regarding the brand, Make-Up Atelier Paris sounds familiar, HOWEVER, "atelier" and "maquillage" are common cosmetics names in France since "atelier" means studio or workshop and "maquillage" means "makeup" (theater makeup or cosmetic makeup depending on the French-English dictionary). Is it a professional line or a regular "drugstore" line in France? I'm not sure. I know of three other companies with Atelier and/or Maquillage in the name and those brands happen to be favorites of some of my industry friends.

Made in USA

I have had several of these travel size sprays from Oribe and rarely use hair spray because I've become a sea-salt spray user. What can I say? I'm lazy with my short hair and it's easier to spray sea-salt spray, scrunch my hair and let air dry. I'll eventually use this dry hair spray from Oribe, or Kat will steal it since she lives in highlighter and hairspray. lol

Made in Japan

Oh yay, another Wayne Goss brush. LOL Another repeat item for me since I also got this exact brush in my 2016 Lucky Bag. It's a decent brush and it always nice to have more brushes but wouldn't it be my luck to now have two or three of the same brush? I'll have to see exactly how many of this brush I now have but I'm thinking maybe it's now three. lol

Final Thoughts

I paid $82 with shipping ($75 + $7) for a box containing products retailing at $172.50. The brands are all good brands and several are brands I'd buy from over and over again. While the items for me were mostly repeats I know eventually I'll end up using the majority of items. So it was a decent box despite my grumples about it. While my final thoughts have flip flopped back and forth like a landed fish and it may still change but as of right now, this very second as I'm typing this, the 2017 Lucky Bag I received was a Whammy for me because most of it wasn't new for me and therefore it's a Whammy to me. Oh well, there's always next year and so long as Beautylish plans on doing future Lucky Bags I'll once again Press My Luck and buy one. I may love the contents, I may hate the contents but I may be introduced to new brands I've never had the chance to try and that's what I look forward to the most about Lucky Bags.

As for that Charlotte Tilbury highlighter, I'm trading it off with a new acquaintance who wants it while I in exchange will be getting some goodies from her brand. :D I'm excited about that! She gets what she wants and I get some awesome new products from her brand to use! Win-Win! Woot!

P.S. If you're curious what a gumple is... it's a cross between being grumpy and grumbling about something. 


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