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Sunday, March 06, 2016

So way back in 2014 I did a review of some brushes I received from Morphé Cosmetics when I attended IMATS that year. Here it is about two years later and time for an update/revisit.

The Italian Badger line is no longer available as of this blog post. I have no clue to when it was discontinued but the new line to replace it is called Deluxe Badger which is made up of the Italian Badger and Sable lines.

My original thoughts: I found the Chisel Dome Deluxe Powder brush to kind of difficult to hold due to the size of the ferrule and handle. While the brush is round the ferrule actually is not and on two sides it's flat where you can grip the ferrule. While I can hold it on the side that's not flat it's more difficult to get a good grip on the "rounded" side. I also didn't think this particular brush was soft enough compared to similar brushes from other companies. I did find that for a powder brush it did the job but it's not a brush I find myself frequently using.

Current thoughts: I hated this brush's handle. Ok, that's a bit harsh but I really didn't like the brush handle. It was heavy, it was oddly weighted and the gripping it wasn't difficult but it was obnoxious. I really didn't care for it and as such it's been long discarded in my pile of unused brushes.

IB102 POWDER DOME $12.95
My original thoughts: The handle on this brush is about two inches short while the length of the bristles is about a 1/2 inch shorter. I did try this as both a powder brush and as a blush brush and didn't care for it either way. It's actually a little softer than the IB101 brush but I found this particular brush tends to shed one or two pieces of brushes every time I used it which is annoying. Again, not one of the brushes I'll reach for.

Current thoughts: This too ended up being a brush I never used again. Every time I used it the bristles would just fall out. 

My original thoughts: I've used this particular fan with various highlight powders and it's not that bad of a fan brush. The only thing I dislike about this fan brush is that the bristles on the two ends of the fan tend to bend out of shape. I don't use this brush often for that reason.

Current thoughts: Another brush that I've discarded. It did it's job but it would shed, it was a bit on thick side for my liking and the bristles were bent out of shape. No amount of shaping with a conditioning wax (I used Koren's) after washing it would get the bristles to lay flat. I could have tried a flat iron it but why bother?

My original thoughts: This brush is fair large for a shadow brush but it does apply give fuller coverage when applying a color in a single sweep. I tend to use it when I'm doing a more natural look since I'm not using several shades.

Current thoughts: I actually use this from time to time but only when doing swatches, other than that I just don't bother with it. The head is just to wide for my own preference and it was too stiff.

My original thoughts: The IB113 Taklon Angle Liner brush is a synthetic brush and it is my favorite brush to apply my Brett Freedman brow powder. I use this pretty much on a daily basis. I don't use it to apply eyeliner as I find that the bristles are just a tad bit too long for my personal use.

Current thoughts: I actually still like this one but it's probably because it's a synthetic rather than Italian Badger. It makes for a great brow brush.

My original thoughts: I actually use the IB116 Round Taper Crease brush for blending under the eye area. I very rarely use it in the crease area but like it in the under eye area.

Current thoughts: When I first began using this brush I thought I liked it but it felt scratchy and is a bit too stiff for my liking. It wasn't too bad of a brush but wish it was a bit softer.

My original thoughts: I don't care for this brush as a lip brush due to the length and how narrow it is.  The shape is nice as it has a nice round tip which I like but the length is just too long for my liking.

Current thoughts: Just like in my original review I didn't like it then as a lip brush and that still holds true. It's not a bad brush and like Angle Liner it too was a synthetic brush. I just ended up never using it. It actually sits in my jar with frequently used brushes but I never use it.

My original thoughts: I love spoolies. Love, love, love spoolies because you can use it to blend in natural lashes into false lashes, remove excess mascara, brush the brush with it, remove excess brow product, blend brow product into the brows for a softer look. The price on this spoolie is very inexpensive and I wish I had a few more of these.

Current thoughts: I love spoolies but unfortunately this spoolie ended up in the trash over time. Why? It fell apart with daily use. Eventually the spoolie popped out of the ferrule and that was the end of it. Oh I tried fixing it but it kept popping out so into the trash it went. Despite knowing it will eventually fall apart, all tools do, I would order more of these. Since Morphé doesn't sell the Italian Badger line I'll have to order these from Crown Brush instead.

My original thoughts: While this fan brush is similar to the IB1104 it happens to be a bit wider and far thicker. I found that it works well when applying a product to the décolletage area. 

Current thoughts: Nope, nope, nope. I ended up really hating this brush. Scratchy, stiff, shed like crazy AND it ended up severely misshaped.
My original thoughts: While it's short, dense and flat making it ideal for buffing I found this brush to be very rough and scratchy. It is my least favorite brush due to that.

Current thoughts: Hated this brush as well. It was rough, it was scratchy. Not even my cats would make off with it and they have a habit of making off with my brushes.

My original thoughts: I prefer my kabuki brushes to either be flat or angled, this particular kabuki has a dome shape. It's fairly soft, not as soft as my most favorite flat top kabuki brush from a different company, but it's not too bad. This particular brush sheds like crazy and I fear that one day it's just going to pop out of the handle.

Current thoughts: It also ended up being discarded because it did shed like crazy and the dome shape was off putting to me.

My original thoughts: Everyone should have a lash definer in their kit or among their tools. Like a spoolie, I use this to blend false lashes into natural lashes. I also use it remove clumps of mascara but I have to clean it with Parian spirit or waterproof makeup remover to remove the mascara from the definer. I can't live without my lash definer. 

Current thoughts: This too is another favorite. Funny how the tools I liked weren't made of Italian Badger hair.... I need to pick up a few more lash definers from Crown since the only thing I hate about it is cleaning it.

My original thoughts: I use this one to apply blush or a contour powder but I don't use it frequently because it's not my favorite blush brush and I tend to like to use a liquid or cream product when using a contouring product.

Current thoughts: Wasn't my favorite blush brush then and I don't use it at all. I have far better blush brushes.

My original thoughts: It's as wide as the IB108 Oval Shadow brush but about 1/4" longer. I don't care for it as a blending brush at all. 

Current thoughts: Still don't care for it and don't use it.

My original thoughts: I actually do like brush but as a lip brush rather than a lining brush. This brush like the IB113 and IB117 are made from taklon fibers.

Current thoughts: I ended up using for a while but over time simply stopped using it because I just really haven't had a need for this particular shaped brush in my personal brush set. 
As of this updated blog post the Italian Badger line has been discontinued on Morphé however Crown Brush still stock the Italian Badger line at their site. Looks like I'll be ordering a few new spoolies from Crown! lol Over all the Italian Badger brushes from Mophé were a bust for me after all this time as I actually only use two of the brushes (IB113 and IB125) but will probably pick up more IB118 from Crown.

Would I recommend Morphé's brushes? I can't as the only brushes from Morphé that I've ever used were these ones and one of the Duo brushes (which I've also discarded using). While there are a few pieces I would repurchase via Crown I probably will never order anything from Morphé due to the complaints I've heard about shipping, customer service and of course all the other drama surrounding this company.

Crown Brush does carry many of the same brushes as Morphé. I've never heard anything bad about Crown's shipping or their customer service. So when I plan on buying more inexpensive brushes I'll give Crown a try. Maybe at IMATS NY I'll pick up more spoolies, metal lash definers and angled liner brushes if they have the Italian Badger line there.

FTC Disclaimer: Brushes were given to me at IMATS from Morphé to use and review. No further compensation or affiliation with Morphé is made nor implied.


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