Taking a look: Are Viseart Paris palettes expensive?

Monday, February 08, 2016

Image from Viseart Paris Instagram
The common complaint about Viseart Paris palettes is that these professional products are too expensive for the everyday person. It's a frequent complaint on various popular social media personalities Instagram or Youtube pages but I'm here to tell you that the cost of Viseart Paris for the every day person actually isn't expensive at all. Let's take a look at Viseart Paris' prices compared to other popular lines.

Viseart Paris palettes are not expensive at all especially when you compare their palettes to other popular brands. While Makeup Geek is the less expensive option (by $8) and is a similar size to Viseart keep in mind that MUG's pro pans need to be kept in some type of palette which depending on where what kind you buy can cost between $13 to $20 which makes MUG's shadows more expensive than Viseart's when you factor in palette.

Brand Size Estimated Cost
Per Pan
Actual Cost
Per Pan
12 pans
Viseart Paris: all shadow palettes 0.07 oz $6.67N/A$80
Sugarpill Cosmetics: Quad palettes 0.12 oz $8.50$12$102 (3 palettes) /
$144 (individual pans)
Saucebox Cosmetics 0.16 oz $6.25$11.50*$138
Makeup Geek: pro pans 0.064 oz $5.55 - $6.55$6$72***
M•A•C: 9-pan palettes 0.02 oz
(0.04 oz full size)
(not full size)
(full size)
* Colors from the Etudé are not available individually.
** Colors from M•A•C's 9 pan or 15 pan palettes may or may not be available full size.
*** Excludes a case to carry. $20 for a Z Palette, $13 for a MUFE palette.

The price breakdown is based on retail prices rather than pro prices. Pro prices range from company to company and stockist to stockist.

Image from Viseart Paris Instagram.

Viseart Paris palettes:
There are eight Viseart Paris palettes.
  • Weight: 24 g / 0.84 oz total.
    Individual pan: 2 grams / 0.07 oz. each
  • Amount of pans: 12
  • Sold individually: No.
  • Retail: $80 ($75 at Alcone Co)
  • Made in France.
Let's break this down.
$80 ÷ 12 pans = $6.666666666666667

This rounds up to $6.67 per pan.

Image from Sugarpill Cosmetics.
Sugarpill Cosmetics

There are three quad palettes.
  • Weight: 12 g / 0.48 oz total.
    Individual pan: 3.5 g / 0.12 oz each
  • Amount of pans: 4
  • Sold individually: Yes.
  • Retail: $34 palettes / $12 individual
  • Made in USA. 
$34 ÷ 4 pans = $8.50

The Sugarpill palettes are a better deal than individual shadows with a savings of $2.50 per pan however if you're to purchase each pan individually it's $12. That said, it is almost twice the size of Viseart's shadows so if you think about it it's on par with Viseart's costs.

Saucebox Cosmetics
There is only one palette currently available.

Image from Saucebox Cosmetics.
  • Weight: 36 g / 1.28 oz total
    Individual pan: 4.5 g / 0.16 oz each
  • Amount of pans: 8
  • Sold individually: No*.
    Individual pans from this palette are not sold.
  • Retail: $50 palette / $11.50 individual
  • Made in USA.
$50 ÷ 8 pans = $6.25

Saucebox Cosmetics does indeed sell individual shadows however the colors from the remaining palette - Etudé - are not individually sold. Price to size cost Saucebox Cosmetics shadows are by far the best deal, price wise, out there since the pans are 4.5 grams compared to Viseart's 2 grams however the color choices are very limited since Saucebox stopped selling Creme de la Creme, Temptations and Forbidden Fruits. They should be launching new palettes or colors sometime in 2016 but as of right now they only see the Etude palette and 11 singles.

Image from Makeup Geek.

Makeup Geek
There are multiple individual shadows for a variety of combinations.
  • Weight: 16.2 g / 0.576 oz total
    Individual pan:  1.8g / 0.064 oz each
  • Amount of pans: 9
  • Sold individually: Yes.
  • Retail: $59 palette + shadows / $50 just shadows / $6 individual*
    *This post reflects the normal shadows not the Duo Chrome or Metallic shadows which are several dollars more per pan.
  • Made in USA.
$50 ÷ 9 pans = $5.555555555555556
$59 ÷ 9 pans = $6.555555555555556

Makeup Geek sells a 9-piece starter with both a palette and without. With the palette the price is $59 and without it's $50, it's a $1 difference per pan if you opt for the palette or without.

Image from MAC Cosmetics
There are several nine pan palettes, 15 pan palettes and of course numerous individual pans.
  • Weight: 7.2 g / 0.21 oz total
    Individual pan: 0.8 g / 0.023 oz each
  • Amount of pans: 9
  • Sold individually: Yes.*
    The colors shown in the palettes may or may not be sold individually, I didn't go look.
  • Retail: $40 for the 9 palette, $85 for the 15 palette, $10 pro individuals (without a compact)
  • Made in Canada.
There are a few other M•A•C palettes however I'm focusing on the nine pan palette but I'll include the math for the 15 pan palette as well. The pro pans are 1.3 g / 0.04 oz so the amount of product in the nine pan palettes are 1/2 the size than the individual pans both pro (without a compact) and consumer (with a compact).

$40 ÷ 9 pans = $4.444444444444444
$85 ÷ 15 = $5.666666666666667


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