Viseart Paris vs Natasha Denona: A look at the prices

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

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Viseart Paris has been a professional favorite for several years now and has slowly been making it's way into the public eye over the last few months now that it's carried by Beautylish. Natasha Denona is a new line to the US thanks to Beautylish and it has started to slowly become the talk among some pro circles since IMATS. I received the Paletta 5 in #4 via my Beautylish Lucky Bag and the colors are gorgeous. Both palettes are available at pro prices via other sites - Viseart via their stockists, Natasha Denona via their website. Retail prices for both lines are very expensive to the every day person however the quality of both lines are said to be amazing.

Viseart Paris

People have been complaining about the cost of Viseart Paris costing $80 for a 12 pan palette however let's look at the cost per pan in that 12 pan palette.

$80 retail contains 12 pans.
Palette weight: 24 g / 0.84 oz
Made in Paris, France.

$80 ÷ 12 = $6.666666666666667

So breaking it down it's $6.67 per pan. If the total weight of the shadows are 24 grams then each pan is approximately 2 grams each.

While Viseart is available on Beautylish if you're a working professional you can get Viseart Paris at a pro discount via their stockists such as, Frends Beauty, Camera Ready Cosmetics and other pro sites.

Natasha Denona

$48 retail contains 5 pans.
Palette weight:  12.5 g / 0.4 oz
Made in Italy.

$48 ÷ 5 = $9.60

Breaking down Natasha's palette in the Paletta 5 palettes the price is $9.60 per pan and each are 2.5g / 0.08 oz. Technically you're getting more product with Natasha's shadows than Viseart but you're also paying a whole lot more since the cost using the breakdown prices would mean a 12 pan palette of Natasha's shadows is over $115!

She does offer a 28 pan palette for $239 retail which breaks down to  $8.54 per pan. She also has a 10 pan palette for $95 which breaks downs to $9.50 per pan. Now here's the thing about Natasha's shadows. She does sell the pans individually at $29 EACH! I don't know what the weight happens to be on the individual pans so you maybe getting three times more product individually than in a palette, I just don't know at this time.

Natasha Denona also offers a pro discount but through their website and are currently not carried by any other company but Beautylish. Her cosmetic line will start launching on Beautylish at the end of this month with possibly her entire line on Beautylish by the end of February. I'm still waiting to hear back from Nils on the exact launch dates or timeframe.

Both Viseart Paris AND Natasha Denona lines should be at IMATS New York in April so if you missed seeing their products in person head over to IMATS for tickets. Beautylish and Camera Ready Cosmetics will not be at The Makeup Show in Orlando at the end of this month but MuseBeauty.Pro and Frends Beauty will be. TMS is a pro only trade show and is open to working professionals only.

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