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Friday, January 22, 2016

Back in February 2013 I first blogged about Lilly Ghalichi, the "Persian Barbie" from BRAVO TV's the Shahs of Sunset, launching her line of false eyelashes called Lilly Lashes. Time for a follow up!

Originally her lashes were pre-sold through February 25, 2013 for $6.99 each, today she sells those lashes for $8.99 each. Frankly SAVE YOUR MONEY! I originally ordered ordered Cairo, Istanbul and Tehran which came in a white paper mailer via first class, I paid $5.99 shipping only to recieve my lashes crushed from improper shipping. I did complain and they did send me out a replacement

Originally posted March 2013.
Originally posted March 2013.
Now after I complained they did replace the three crushed lashes with three identical pairs so I ended up with two pair each. Unfortunately since then I had a major computer crash and lost all of my photos so I actually had to use Google just to find these images. Luckily out of the six pairs I still have two - Istanbul and Tehran. I did realize back then that while the lashes were nice those lashes were "definitely just repackaged for them". I originally thought that the lashes were "possibly Red Cherry lashes but I'm not entirely sure" I also thought that it was "possible these are just generic made in China but there is no point of origin on the packaging." I was wrong about no point of origin as on the back of the plastic insert it's stamped Indonesia.

Taken January 22, 2016
So from what I wrote on MakeupTalk, when you peel the little sticker off the original name of the lashes are revealed. Cairo = 605 Black (which I no longer own), Tehran = D Wispy and Istanbul = 523 Black (both of which I still have). Well guess what! I was absolutely right that these were nothing more than repackaged lashes for her. You can actually buy these lashes at Frends Beauty for $2 each where as Lilly Lashes are now $8.99 each. Oh and if you sign up for Frends as a non-pro you get 10% off and if you're a pro you get about 20% off Frends branded lashes.

Cairo = 605 Black
Tehran = D Wispy
Istanbul = 523 Black - not available online from Frends but they may have it in stock in the store.

Since the original incident I never reordered from Lilly Lashes. The whole shipping issues and dismissive attitude I felt that I received was off putting. While at the time $6.99 wasn't a bad price (it was $3 less than the Kardashian's then line of lashes at the time but now are $8.99 each) you can find these lashes less elsewhere. What I do wish was that more people who had purchase these lashes when it first launched posted the real numbers or names of the lashes to what Lilly called them as I wold love to be able to match the lashes up to what is sold at Frends and other sites.

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